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Envoy Armor I: Experimental Armor Collection

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Envoy Armor I: Experimental Armor Collection

Comprehensive guide by Et3rnal Abyss, all credit goes to him! The source for the information and all the pictures is wiki.guildwars2.com.


Unlocking the collection is done by obtaining The Lost Art of Armor Crafting after defeating any raid boss for the first time. Consume the item to start the collection.


Wing I – Spirit Vale

Infused Living Crystal:

You get this item by interacting with any of the three pylons at Vale Guardian while having a Living Crystal in your inventory.

The Living Crystal can be obtained by doing the “Defeat the earth elementals” event in Tangled Depths - follow the route as shown on the picture below for exact event location. The event triggers when you defeat 3 Veteran Earth Elementals guarding a cave entrance that is blocked by a rock wall.



Infused Soul Mirror:

You get this item by having a Soul Mirror in your inventory and interacting with the brazier right before Gorseval's Perch. Note that the brazier must be lit for it to be interactable, which means the events leading to Gorseval the Multifarious need to be successfully completed – one person from the squad needs to carry the torch from the Abandoned Outpost without getting downed.

Soul Mirror can be obtained by talking to Burnisher Kengo at Northwatch Descent in Auric Basin, he’s at the temple north from [Northwatch Waypoint].


Auric Energy Crystal:

You get this item by having an Energy Crystal and going to the Inner Chamber in Auric Basin – just approaching the POI is enough.

Energy Crystal is obtained from the chest after defeating the Vale Guardian.


Spirit Weave:

This item is created by combining 5 Energized Spirit Threads.

Energized Spirit Thread is obtained by defeating a Legendary Chak Gerent (Tangled Depths meta) by having Spirit Thread in your inventory. You need to do a kill for each thread separately.

Spirit Thread is obtained from the chest upon successfully defeating Gorseval the Multifarious.


Coagulated Ectoplasm:

Obtained by combining 10 Ectoplasmic Residue.

Ectoplasmic Residue is randomly dropped from the hidden chests inside Spirit Vale and Salvation Pass.



Core of Flame:

Received upon defeating Sabetha.



Wing II – Salvation Pass


Arcane Dust:

This item is obtained by combining Powdered Aurillium and Bloodstone Powder.

Powder Aurillium is obtained by doing the Sanctum Scramble adventure in Auric Basin and looting the chest.

Bloodstone Powder is dropped by Matthias Gabrel - final boss at the second raid wing.


Mushroom Medley:

Obtained by combining the following items:

Noxious Mushroom Cap - received by defeating Slothasor.

Mushroom Emperor Gills - dropped by the Champion Mushroom Emperor in the Tangled Depths (near the Order of Whispers Outpost POI).

Orian Truffle - By harvesting it or buying from TP.

Sawgill Mushroom - By harvesting it or buying from TP.


Giant Beehive:

This item can be found at in the second raid wing at the location shown below. You need to go up the path around the tree and use a ranged weapon to knock down the beehive and then interact with it.



Vial of Forsaken Thicket Waters:

After killing Matthias Gabrel in the Temple of Salvation, walk into any of the four fountains in the temple. A dialog box should appear to obtain the vial.


Spirit Quest Tonic:

Created by combining the previous four items: Arcane Dust, Mushroom Medley, Giant Beehive and Vial of Forsaken Thicket Waters.


Bloodstone Fragment:

Received upon defeating Matthias Gabrel.



Wing III – Stronghold of the Faithful


Bloodstone Battery (Charged):

While having a Bloodstone Battery (Empty) in your inventory head to Rata Novus Command Center in Rata Novus, and go to the second floor. There is a light shining down on an X shaped Asuran console, on the north side (the side closest to the wall) of the X console there's a "Hex-shaped device" lying on the ground. Walking near it will prompt you to charge it.

You get the Bloodstone Battery (Empty) by defeating McLeod the Silent at the third raid wing.


Soul of the Keep:

You get this item by activating the Stone Soul under the effect of "Goop" - you get this effect from Veteran Chak Lobbers or Chak Slingers.

Stone Soul is obtained by defeating the Keep Construct at Stronghold of the Faithful.


Tormented Aurillium:

This item is obtained by using the Polished Aurillium during the "Traverse the Twisted Castle" event in Stronghold of the Faithful and gaining 18 stacks of the "Madness" effect.

Polished Aurillium can be bought from Provisioner NPCs in main cities or HoT maps for 1 Provisioner Token.


Spirit Strings:

To get this item you must be under the effect of Itzel Spirit Poison while defeating and looting the chest from the Keep Construct.

You can buy Itzel Spirit Poison from Itzel Mastery Vendor for 100 Airship Parts and 1 Gold.


Bloodstone-Infused Ectoplasm:

Can be obtained from any of the three hidden chests in Twisted Castle - can be done after the event.



White Mantle Ritual Goblet:

Obtained after defeating Xera.



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