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Spirit Vale encounters guide

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This thread is a guide for the encounters in the Spirit Vale raid. It only covers the encounters.

Additional information can be found on the official gw2 wiki.

Each explanation is also accompanied by a video, which anyone interested in joining should watch.

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First encounter: the Vale Guardian


The Vale guardian is the first boss of the spirit vale, and is significantly harder than the first three bosses of Bastion of the Pentinent.

The fight consists of 5 phrases, with mechanics that keep repeating throughout these phrases.
A helpful video guide is also available at the bottom of this guide.


To reach the boss, three aspects of the boss, minibosses, need to be defeated first. These three bosses are identical to the aspects during phrase 2 and 4, and are discribed further down in the guide.

The area consists of a circle, divided in three equal pieces. Each piece is marked by a colloured pylon. These are important for phrase 2 and 4.



General Mechanics

these mechanics happen constantly during the fight, in all phrases. Each mechanic is also connected to a certain aspect of the boss in phrases 2 and 4, as well as before the boss.


1) The boss will target the player with the highest toughness stat, the tank of the group. This player, usually a mesmer, has the role of positioning the boss. The boss often uses cleaving melee attacks, so the rest of the group must try to stack behind the boss to avoid this damage.

2) green circles will constantly spawn in the section of the circle in which the boss is standing. After a few seconds, this circle explodes and deals damage to all players in the arena equal to 80% of their maximum health. This can be prevented by having 4 or more players stand within this circle.

Usually these circles are ignored and the damage is outhealed, except during the separated aspects phrases 2 and 4, or if the group happens to pass by one of these circles in phrase 5.

3) Blue circles will constantly spawn and teleport you away after a few seconds if you stand in them. This is not very dangerous at the start of the fight, but during later phrases of the fight you can get teleported into damaging areas, possibly killing your character within seconds. Therefore it is very important to avoid these at all times.

The circles show as dark blue circles with a shiny effect on the floor, and if you stand on top of one you can hear an electric buzzing, as well as see that the edges of your screen will have an orange effect. If you notice any of these signs, make sure to dodge away.

4) Seekers (enemy red floating orbs) will spawn sporadically. They are slow moving but do a lot of damage around them. When these approach the group, they must be snared or knocked back untill they despawn. Examples of good skills for these are: guardian shield 5, mesmer focus, druid glyph of the tides, ranger entangle,..

5) Occasionally the boss will start spinning around and throwing projectiles around, which will show up as a lot of small ground projectiles. This stops after a while, or can be interrupted by using CC skills on the boss.


The phrases

Phrase 1

The boss only uses the mechanics discirbed under the General Mechanics section of the guide in this part of the fight.

The tank positions the boss at the edge of the map, so the amount of seekers that reaches the group remains limited. The rest of the group stacks behind the boss.

When the boss reaches 66% health, phrase 2 starts.

Phrase 2

The boss will become invulnerable for a few seconds, and walk towards the middle of the arena.

Three aspects of the boss will spawn, a red, green and blue one. These spawn at the pillars of their respective collour.

The red aspect of the boss can only be damaged with condition damage, and spawns the seekers in his part of the area.

The blue aspect of the boss repeatably gets the boon "Blue Pylon Power" which makes him invulnerable to damage. This boon needs to be stripped constantly so the aspect can be killed. This boss also spawns the green circles that deal 80% health damage when they explode in his section of the map. During the split phrase, only 3 players must stand in these circles to prevent their explosion.

The green aspect of the boss spawns the blue teleportation circles in his area.

After an aspect reaches 0% health, his CC-bar must be broken to kill the aspect.


At the start of phrase 2, when the boss reaches the middle and the aspects spawn in, players will also get an attunement to the pillar of which map part they are in.

This is a big symbol above the players head.

Each of the aspects has a very big area of effect field around them, which does a lot of pulsing damage to players within their area if they are not attuned to their collour.


When the boss becomes invulnerable, the players must split up to the three pylons in order to get the correct attunement.

If a green circle is still about to detonate, the group can wait a bit in order to heal up from this damage first.


2 or 3 players of the group must be condition damage and go to the red pylon. They must kill this aspect with conditions and break its cc bar.


The tank of the group must go to the green pylon and pull the green aspect to the blue pylon, where the biggest part of the group and all healers are.


All other players must go to the blue pylon and kill the blue aspect (with boonstrip) as well as the green aspect. The players will take damage from the area effect of the green aspect, but all healers of the group are at this position too and can outheal this damage.

This group must also make sure to claim the green circles in their section of the map, or the players at the red aspect will die from the explosions.

It is also important to keep the blue and green aspect close to the blue pylon, and not move them in the direction of the red pylon, or the players at the red aspect will die from their damage fields. There are normally no healers present at the red aspect.


After the 3 aspects are defeated, phrase 3 of the fight starts.


Phrase 3

This phrase is nearly identical to phrase 1, the tank will hold the boss while the rest of the group stacks behind the boss to not get cleaved.
However, 1 of the 3 circle segments will light up and do a lot of damage to everyone on top of it. This light up platform will rotate around the area clockwise. It changes positions every 20 seconds.

Therefore the tank and group will stand on a border of 2 sections so the group can quickly hop over it to avoid the light-up section, as illustrated on this picture:

The red circle illustrates the position of the tank.

Phrase 4

Phrase 4 is a split phrase of the boss, identical to phrase 2.


phrase 5

Phrase 5 is identical to phrase 3, but 2 sections will light up at once instead of only 1. These still rotate clockwise, jumping a tile each 20 seconds.

In order to avoid these, the group must rotate clockwise aroudn the area.

Normally the group starts at the border between the RED and GREEN pylon for this phrase, the commander places a marker on this spot in advance.



Party composition

In this raid, different roles must be filled.

On top of the regular support buffs and heals, the raid group needs a person with a higher toughness than the rest to tank the boss, as well as boon strip capabilities and a few players with decent condition damage.



wiki guide: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Spirit_Vale
video guide:


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Second encounter: Traverse the Spirit Woods


After the vale guardian is defeated, a path opens up.

In this path, several events need to be completed to continue to the next boss, Gorseval.

These events are fairly easy and contain no boss, but count as raid encounter and award the group with a Legendary Insight if completed.

These events evolve around ghostly enemies, some of which can only be damaged with condition damage.


Part 1: Spectral rifts

The group will approach an open area with a closed gate and several spirits. As soon as these spirits are killed, the event starts.

Spectral rifts will spawn on the map. These are capture points that must be captured by the group within 20 seconds. The group can just run from point to point and capture them with little issues. A mesmer with blink and portals makes this part even easier.

After a while, if every rift was successfuly captured, the event completes and the gate opens.

The group enters a small building with more spirits which have to be defeated.

When these are defeated, a gate opens that leads to the next phrase. A torch can also be picked up here, which is used to unlock an extra reward chest if it is successfully carried through the rest of this encounter.


Part 2: Spirit race

After part 1, the group needs to glide down from a ledge. The group must then continue to run away through the path while capturing spectral rifts and destroying Ethereal Barriers.

There are three sets of rifts and barriers. Firstly there is 1 rift and a barrier, then two rifts before the second barrier and lastly three rifts before the last barrier.

It is important that some players, best the support roles, capture these rifts while the rest of the group focuses on destroying the barriers.

Therefore, three people must be assigned to capturing the rifts.

Also note that a big gap must be glided across just after the second barrier. It is easy to not see this gap in time and fall to your death if not careful.


Part 3 - Cemetery

After the group successfuly escaped, the group enters a cemetary with five hidden pressure plates which must all be pressed at the same time to open the next gate.

However, ghosts will constantly spawn and attack the players, so this must be done before the split-up group gets overwhelmed.

The first is past the staircase to the left in a small alcove. The rest of the group typically then attempt the jumping puzzle across the branch and mushrooms to reach the highest pad next to the gate. Once one person is successful there is a small building below that pad that contains the third one. The fourth is reached by going up the stairs to the left, the same ones used to reach the jumping puzzle, and continuing past the tree branch jump down to the lower ledge. The final pad is also to the right side of the area behind some buildings after going up the much smaller staircase. Once each of these pads has a person standing on it all at the same time the gate will open and the encounter will be completed.

After this gate, the torch can be used on a brazier to spawn in a bouncing mushroom which leads to an extra chest.


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