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AJBlack Sellout Announcement

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This is to inform you that as of November, AJBlack, who has been a leader for our community in early days, has left the gaming world due to personal circumstances. While she is welcome to return to the community at any time, she has for the time being shared the UCLG relevant account details with myself, and I will be taking over full leadership of the community. This applies mainly in the game Wurm Online, but will also have an effect on all other games including Guild Wars 2 and the likes. 

If there are any questions concerning this development, please inquire privately via PM here or on Discord with me.

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Years ago, I have already been gaming as Yldrania. Over time, in real life, I gained a friend who became extremely important to me. We became best friends, even roommates. It felt like we were sisters. Her name is Hanni.
For a long time, she wasn't interested in gaming, but my obsessive habit of gaming 24/7 eventually made her curious and she wanted a nickname. She could not find one, but she liked my real name: Alice Jaelyn Black. 
Honestly, as self absorbed as that might sound, I was quite honored by the idea of having my name turned into a nickname when she first asked me whether she could use it. I was hesitant but the pride took over and I gave in. Soon, she became known as AJBlack in the online world.
For a long time we spent much time talking, playing and I guided her through my favorite games and we lead a community together. It was amazing, and I never once regretted my decision. We were so close, I trusted her like family. She was family.
In 2019 however... everything changed. She got a boyfriend. I was happy for her. She started putting her focus on him, as expected, but her focus did not change towards a person only... it changed also towards a religion: Satanism.
After years of knowing her, even having met her in a Christian church in the first place, she started to drift out of my grasp. Over the course of the year she changed more and more and became a completely different person than the sister I once knew.
At this point, gaming had zero importance to her anymore and she agreed to give me back my identity in all games. I paid what she had invested, and got my identity back.

Sadly, I am noticing that my identity, who I really am, has been dragged through the mud by stupid decisions and rudeness that I can not come to terms with. 
Alice is my real name. I can't just drop it. I will keep using it, and hope to make amends for what has been done to the name. However, I can't change the past and I apologize to anyone who may have made bad experiences with this person.
Since approximately October 2019, I have access to all AJBlack accounts. This includes Wurm Online, Guild Wars 2, Steam, everything. So while I still proudly play as Yldrania in many games, I might also be seen as AJBlack or any variants of this name.
Please note that I am NOT the same person you have met in the past. I will do my utmost best to make sure that any experiences with me are equal as those you may have made with me as Yldrania. 

In case you are curious, Hanni has moved on to a satanic nickname and plays certain online games. She's moved out of the apartment before I did (neither one of us lives where we used to now), and I have not heard from her since.
You're free to ask me any questions you might have. I am aware that this situation has lead to a lot of confusion and a lot of anger over time, and I was not aware of that for far too long. However, I am here now and the future will be better.

As a little piece of advise... never lend an identity you cherish or own to ANYONE, not even your closest friends. You can see in this story what it can lead to, even in the unlikeliest of cases.
I hope this clears things up for some of you. Again, I apologize, and hope I will be able to interact with people on both accounts, Yldrania AND Alice, in the way I'm used to - respectful, polite and with a somewhat twisted sense of humor but lots of love - and hugs.

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