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What's the best way to grind Carpentry past 65 Skill?


I'm currently stuck on 65 carpentry and I want to get to 100. Sure, 90+ will be a pain no matter what I do, but I've been getting super slow gains only so I was wondering if someone could tell me how to best grind it?

Sub skills are:

Bowyery 1

Fletching 1

Fine Carpentry 41

Toy Making 1

Ship Building 4 

Yea, it's not a great char, but maybe the fact that these subs are so low might help the grind?

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Personally my go-to strategy to grind skills that can be raised by improving items is as follows:

  • Prepare at least 30, preferably closer to 60 items you want to grind on (core carpentry items only unless you also want to grind other skill like Fine Carpentry, but in such case carpentry gains will be much lower). Even better if that's the item you want to turn rare, because there will be pretty good chance of this happening.
  • Imp items by sorting them by imping tool, choosing tool that can fill your action queue (ignore the ones that cannot fill your queue) and queuing as many improve actions as you can at once
  • Repair items that got damaged
  • Repeat imping

Other important thing to consider is how many bonuses to skillgain you are utilizing - every of them is MULTIPLICATIVE, meaning the more you have, the more powerful all of them get:

  • CoC - each point gives extra 1% skillgain, so aim for tools with at least 70 CoC, preferably even more. Avoid WoA/BotD like fire, they make skillgain slower/more micro-intensive.
  • Sleep bonus - extra 100% skillgain. This bonus is massive for active grinding.
  • Affinities and temporary (food) affinities - each of them is extra 10% skillgain

To calculate final skillgain multiplier, you can use following formula:

1 * (1 + CoC * 0.01) * (1 + sleep * 1) * (1 + affinities * 0.1)

Base skillgain is 1 (100%).

Skillgain with 70 CoC tools, sleep bonus active and no affinities: 3.4 (340%).

Skillgain with 90 CoC tools, sleep bonus active and food affinity: 4.18 (418%).

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I would sugest skilling fine carpentry. And any subskills you fancy. I did gring fine carpentry to 92 on a char named zerku. Got carpentry to 87 at the same time.also i did that in 30 days irl. With 6+ hours a day. But as Warlander said

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