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  1. Damanding Dhursday Since the Fractals to Raids Event has overgrown itself. Diamt, Georgo an I started something new last week at Thursday. First we took down that festival King with a pumpkin on his head. The hardest part, was to fall down at the right place. But since one undead leader isn't enough for the evening, we head to the over one called Palawa Joko right after to take his place (and divan). Lets see where we go next Dhursday, A Star to guide us? Or maybe you want something to do, that is not in the Meta, but just fun to do it together? Let me know.
  2. So of course we had a UCLG Raids via Fractals Event 31 (2020-08-13)! But... i missed the screenshot, so I took one here. It shows me and the hat, Dimats moa bird and some crates for representing the others, a big one Tyger and a smaller one Georgo. And the guy from the Nightmare Fractal, being angry about something. We had a legendary pug with us till the end, who didn't complain at all and just slew the ice elemental with my bro, while I were rescuing the other tow. But I had the feeling, they could do it without me... and we made it back before the elemental was dead!
  3. You should mention Gerrinde, too. I took the 'Search and Rescue' Trait, so my pets joins me healing a downed player. She won't res defeated ones, but won't stop healing if someone dies during her work. So sometime she just gets along and someone up again.
  4. Yeah. I have 100 gems. But just bought the griffon so... no gold left for gems. I played WvW with my guardian a little to get the Warclaw.
  5. I was happy, that the my damage output was high enough to kill the fat Ooze Champion Subject 6 at least. I won't be available next week, sadly. But my RPG StarWars Group moved from Wednesday to Thursday in that week.
  6. Well i am playing games since 88 (thx bro) and Diablo1 was my first online game I guess (after all these LANs with Quake and UT). MMORPGs I just played GW1 a lot because I totally love the GameDesign and Play. Teamwork, no Levelgrind, no jumping!!, just mixing a around with the 2nd classes. But never Cookie Cutter Stuff, I want to fun while playing and no 'you have to play that or you suck!' - I played monk a lot in GW1. I healed a lot... someone called me a Healing Goddess. My husband said, don't you want to heal that guy now? - Nah, no over heal. So heck yes, I play for fun. I think I c
  7. "Going to bed earlier", is a fine reason for me to play druid in higher Fractals.
  8. That's an eagle. But maybe a raven norn sees ravens everywhere? Bastet my Lynx was in the pic, but you didn't want her. Although she is a cat and she did the final blow to the fractal boss. Solid Ocean took some time, yes. I guess I should heal in the higher fracs. I have only one armor with Infusions... I practiced kitting the octopus eye beam laser thingie at least.
  9. The chicken mini pet is sad for not being in the shot. For the recommended ones Loreena and me switched roles. At least he started playing druid and I thought we won't need two at T1... i played this open world build, it worked well enough even without the perfect gear. I use it, cos I love my sling shot shortbow and the "Your second pet doesn't really matter, feel free to equip your favorite pet for Fashion Wars." fact. Chantal
  10. So for the other stuff: my missing fractal levels: Fractal Initiate 09 12 17 19 20 22 23 Fractal Adept 26 32 40 43 44 45 50 Fractal Expert 60 61 For Fractal Master I did 80 once, the rest is open.
  11. During 'Corona' I can try to make it at weekend, but afterwards there will be family, friends (and fools) again.
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