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  1. Envoy Armor I: Experimental Armor Collection Comprehensive guide by Et3rnal Abyss, all credit goes to him! The source for the information and all the pictures is wiki.guildwars2.com. Unlocking the collection is done by obtaining The Lost Art of Armor Crafting after defeating any raid boss for the first time. Consume the item to start the collection. Wing I – Spirit Vale Infused Living Crystal: You get this item by interacting with any of the three pylons at Vale Guardian while having a Living Crystal in your inventory. The Living Crystal can be obtai
  2. UCLG Raids via Fractals: Five bosses slain (2020-10-25) After the first certified kill of a raid boss by a UCLG raid squad one week ago, the battle went on and I am proud to announce that during the past two weekends UCLG raid squads, led by Commander Aethelwyna, KUL, vanquished not only Cairn the Indomitable several times, but also the Mursaat Overseer, the Vale Guardian, Samorog and - today for the first time - Gorseval the Multifarious. On Saturday, 2020-10-17, a UCLG raid with (from left to right in the picture below) Eternal Abyss, John (Amaryllis Sky), Raven (Antoria Pen
  3. Usage After getting the gear and adjustments, you need to put it all to work. The best gear and stats can only work mediocre at best, if you don’t know how to use it. Meta-builds therefore advise you on when to use what skill and in what sequence, to deal the maximum amount of damage, or heal or buff your allies most efficiently. Rotation Usually meta-builds give you a sequence in which you want to use your skills, adjusted for the cooldowns and energy costs of your skills and making use of synergistic effects between the skills used. Once done with the sequence, you jump back t
  4. Food and Utility Items Food and utility Items are consumables that provide two different kinds of positive effects for a limited amount of time. Not being a permanent part of the setup, the benefits they provide are nevertheless quite important for a fairly low price. Since these benefits are not permanent to begin with, using food or utility items with slightly different kinds of benefits (especially on a secondary attribute) can be a sleek way to fine-tune your build for a specific encounter. Food Food items (snacks, soups, meals, desserts and feasts) provide a positive e
  5. Infusions Ascended and legendary weapons, pieces of armor and trinkets (without amulets) have at least one infusion slot (back items can have two, rings even three) that hold an infusion. Most commonly these slots are used to hold agony infusions that you need in fractals or cosmetic infusions that influence the appearance of your character in a special way. Meta-builds list a specific type of infusion though, that increases one attribute (e.g. power) by the tiny amount of five points each. Since a fully ascended character has up to 18 infusion slots (two on the active weapon set, si
  6. Trinkets Although seemingly just some supplements, trinkets (amulet, back item, rings and accessories) with the correct stats are extremely important for a properly working build, because they account for about 50.1% of the total increase in attribute points possible (without infusions and consumables). Your amulet provides about 11.4% thereof, the two rings about 9.1% each, the two accessories about 8.0% each and the back item about 4.6%. The published meta-builds use ascended trinkets. If you happen to have legendary trinkets, you are welcome to use them and customize them to the a
  7. Armor and Runes Since you don’t want to face the perils of the endgame in the nude, you need a decent set of armor to wear. Meta-builds usually list one specific set of armor for each build. Armor Apart from providing defense rating according to the armor type (heavy, medium or light) and rarity (e.g. exotic, ascended), armor pieces carry stats, meaning they improve three or four of you character’s attributes, as long as the specific piece of armor is not destroyed. Since the type of armor is determined by your character’s class anyway, it is especially the stats that you need
  8. Weapons and Sigils To fight, you need weapons. Most meta-builds offer two sets of weapons (while a set is either one dual-handed weapon or two single-handed weapons) with the appropriate stats. Since you can swap between two weapon sets during the fight, the rotations that come with the build usually make use of this to access different weapon skills and minimize the time in which you can’t use any skill because of cooldowns. Weapons The type of weapon (e.g. sword, staff) determines what skills you have in your left-hand skillbar. These skills can’t be altered, but are determine
  9. Specializations, Traits and Utility Skills The next thing you want to do is to open the “Build”-tab in your “Hero”-window and copy the settings for the elite specialization (e.g. Soulbeast) and the two additional specializations (e.g. Beastmastery and Skirmishing). This done, you can select the traits that come with these specializations. Since the game connects the selected traits in the display with glowing lines, these settings are called “traitlines”. After that, you want to copy the five utility skills for the right-hand skillbar: your healing skill, the three additional ut
  10. Class and Role (Elite Specialization) The first thing you want to do is to pick a certain class and role that you want to go for (e.g. power soulbeast), get a character of this class (e.g. ranger) to level 80 and invest the hero points necessary to maximize the appropriate elite specialization (e.g. soulbeast). Within the elite specializations, meta-builds usually focus on one of the following functions or roles: power-dps (dealing direct damage to foes), condi-dps (applying conditions to foes), heal (providing healing for allies) or boons (providing boons for allies). Though all bui
  11. Getting into Meta-Builds Meta-builds are prefabricated setups for your skills, traits and equipment, that are optimized for efficiency and come with a recommended rotation, meaning a predefined sequence in which you should use your skills to get the best performance out of your build. While there is nothing wrong about experimenting with your own builds and setups, you should be able to play at least one meta-build if you want to group up with other players to get into high-level content in the game. This will save you (and your teammates) a lot of frustration. You can find meta
  12. UCLG Raids via Fractals hits Raids (2020-10-10) About a year after our first pointless attempt to kill Cairn the Indomitable in the Bastion of the Penitent, a full raid of UCLG guildies set out to finally beat him. People, who had been geared up and trainend in countless fractals, alongside with a few veterans, and led by recently knighted Commander Aethelwyna, had virtually no trouble at all blasting the oversized legendary jade construct out of existence, as soon as everybody made it save gliding to the platform and not being disconnected by evil forces. Only on a sidenote mus
  13. UCLG Raids via Fractals Event 33 (2020-08-27) That was.. a very very smooth run. Eresch, Aethelwyna, Visceryn, Kinzx and me ticked off today's tier 4 dailies, nothing less than Shattered Observatory, Mai Trin Boss and Molten Boss, then Kinzx had to leave and we brought home the rewards for the recommended ones almost on our own. In the picture you can see (from left to right) Eresch (only moderately in disguise) freezing on an insulation crate from the Snowblind fractal, Aethelwyna playing the harp, me, Visceryn with his newish Ad Infinitum and Kinzx (represented by the pristine frac
  14. UCLG Raids via Fractals Event 32 (2020-08-20) And of course we had a fractal event even this week. While Kinzx, Visceryn and Lithium, together with PUGs, had no problems at all vanquishing the daily t4s and recs, Rijoo, Dimat, Georgo and me, together with Eresch, had a bit of a hard time doing that, and succeeded only after a longish struggle. There are these days, I guess. The screenshot therefore shows our party getting a lecture about how to fight the ice elemental in the Underground Facility fractal.
  15. There are no very concrete details so far, but what is in my head is this: Currently we have about 15 people in the guild who have the gear and training to play tier 4 fractals without much sweat and are actually playing together as guild teams. Plus, we are working on establishing a foothold in the scale 99 and 100 challenge mote fractals. So my ideas are this: Keep on working on the challenge motes, get more people into them, add some strike missions (to get the hang for playing in a bigger unit), get on discord voice (who isn't yet) and then start over training on selected raid bo
  16. UCLG Raids via Fractals Event 30 (2020-08-07) In the 30th edition of the UCLG fractals event we didn't have two or more groups running simultaneously, but one after the other. At the usual time Eresch, Rijoo, Dimat, Visceryn and me rushed through the daily recs for tier 1 to tier 3 (Siren's Reef, Molten Boss and Deepstone) and then tackled the dailies on tier 4 (Swampland, Volcanic and Shattered Observatory), where Eresch pulled the rest of the group through every boss fight. We finished just in time for me to get invited into the next group with Aethelwyna, Kinzx, Moonie and Neluna.
  17. UCLG Raids via Fractals Event 29 (2020-07-30) This week's fractal event was dominated by the strife for getting the second collection for Ad Infinitum done. The picture below shows Rijoo (left, sitting on the table), Dimat (with her new ascended greatsword Caladbolg Orchida), me, the empress AJBlack (as the Ice Queen, in a state of exaltation), Georgo (with his loyal greatsword Dark Harvest), Kinzx (with his old legendary greatsword Eternity) and Aethelwyna (with his new legendary greatsword Exordium). So we set out in two groups.. The one group, with Rijoo, Georgo,
  18. Intermediate Event Evaluation 2020-07-28 After running this event for about half a year now I am happy to see how many of us are now playing tier 4 fractals as if they never did anything else before. Many people in the guild now have ascended gear of the appropriate stats, 150+ agony resistance and know how to perform as a team. I definitely think we can be proud of that. And maybe restart training for raids soonishly. The fractal event on Thursday will go on though, with the stress even more on getting new people into fractals at all and into proper gear or on higher tiers than
  19. UCLG Raids via Fractals Event 28 (2020-07-24) With a mixed group of seven participants we had to take turns this time.. So Rijoo, Dimat, Whit and me took Rode Veer for the recommended fractals for tier 1 (Undergroud Facility) and tier 2 (Urban Battlegrounds), before Georgo (who was late as usual) took over for Rode Veer for the recommended fractal for tier 3 (Siren's Reef). After that, Dimat switched into the captain's chair and watched the rest of us, lead by Eresch, vanquishing the tier 4 dailies (Aquatic Ruins, Snowblind and Thaumanova Reactor). Then we concluded the evening with explo
  20. I moved two of the shots from discord to imgur, hope this works now. Maybe the group rights system prevented them from being loaded. Pls tell me if the problem persists.
  21. UCLG Raids via Fractals Event 27 (2020-07-16) Two premières this time in the UCLG fractal event.. Eresch returned and took Rijoo, the empress AJBlack, Georgo and me to tier four where we valiantly won the dailies (Cliffside, Chaos and Twilight Oasis, where the empress beat Amala with her dying breath and her downed skills). Dimat accepted my request and led Kinzx, Visceryn, Aethelwyna and John to the daily recs first where they won the Molten Boss and the Swampland fractal. After that, Eresch changed groups and helped out Dimat, Kinzx and John, while the rest of my group, partially togeth
  22. UCLG Raids via Fractals Event 26 (2020-07-10) After all the event is almost becoming an operation.. Again we had two groups going for loot and glory in the Fractals of the Mist. Since we knew we'd have a longish evening in front of us, we started off with relaxing in our undies: behold (from left to right) Amaryllis Sky (John), Dimat, Kinzx, Aethelwyna, Rijoo, me, the empress AJBlack on her cloud and Luna Svk (Georgo). Missing in the picture for some unknown reason is Visceryn. Rijoo proves that she can look grumpy even in a bathing suit and the human girls show that they have much n
  23. UCLG Raids via Fractals Event 25 (2020-07-02) Geez, for the 25th time that we ventured into the Fractals of the Mist as a guild, we really had a lot of people running through Dessa's realms. We actually had two full groups running simultaneously, one on tier 1 and one on tier 3. That is.. for the first time.. a full raid squad. And this although Eresch and Loreena were away working, Georgo was cut off from electricity and my sister Rijoo couldn't join either. In the picture below you can see the whole posse after meeting up in guild hall: From left to right it's Amaryllis Sky, Kinzx,
  24. Oh, this thread is more about the general concept of the project and keeping/track reporting what we did and where we want to go. Dates and stuff are called out on discord or in the daily message. So the post regarding event #25 on Thursday will appear after the event.
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