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  1. And maybe restart training for raids soonishly. I think everyone would be interested in more concrete details (if available). However, please keep in mind that a far higher level of play is required from everyone for raids and no "we can carry person X through" is applicable. Atleast this is my perception (unless they dumped down the difficulty of raids) - happy to have a chat about current plans and everything around it.
  2. Ok thanks, I think I understood your main point.
  3. I totally agree! But by going behind the root cause, not completely illogical setups or just preferences (which can be considered as well) My offer remains still valid, just let me know
  4. I guess I should heal in the higher fracs. You can do that, but it should be noted that in general everyone should be able to play a "proper" dps. There are a plenty of advantages, not limited to: - Setups can vary from time to time. I can tell you that this is an important thing - as I have previously played a lot and I was in fractals druid and in raids dps (and vice versa). I would have stopped way earlier (and not mostly to time limitations that come with a 70hrs week) if I would be "role locked" in one role. - Everyone gathers new experience based on different situations. T
  5. Actually I am progressing on my rings and I am unwrapping my project "Howler" - I started it before the other legendary warhorn came out, and uhm I don't like it. As a raid druid in retirement uh yeah.. and at some day even the Nevermore.. well.
  6. It was a bit funny.. however, the thing behind was something completey different: I don't like the SB outfit I have and can't think of a better one right now However I want it do be unique I wanted to have a proper outfit in the screenshot I have not updated my build for a while ago, however in the open world I noticed I deal more damage with Minstrels gear than some other guys (and I have endless sustainability) I was sleepy anyways and was mentally shutting down.. ok, had to work three hours afterwards x.x
  7. Uh, yes... I forgot you can do that since recently. However, I've only done this once, because there is a lot of stuff which .. I don't want to share and I'm Alt/Tabbing like hell.
  8. Loreena's stream It was a legendary stream! We had exactly 0 viewers (which is a record since I never created an account on a streaming platform) and I have no idea what actually happened. Thanks to Eresch for being the 0stet viewer. If I ever have an account, I just will add him to my Hall of Famous Fanboys, if it is created.
  9. What do you think about doing this on a second day - on the weekend? Thursday evening is always a bit problematic for me and as soon the homeoffice period ends I might not be able to make it.
  10. https://discretize.eu/fractals/snowblind Here you can find for each fractal advanced strats
  11. I think we should improve a little bit, so that we can get to T4 and get hopefully better PUGs. Those weren't too good after all.
  12. I am also tempted to get the PVP amulet - but oh wow, I might try it "soon"... however, maybe there will be a PVE one, which will be much less hassle for me. Otherwise the two items are in line with the progress as of now.
  13. I am actually quite interested in what your current goals / projects in GW2 are. I have recently restarted some long term stuff, but if I have completed these I am running a little bit out of options. Currently I am preparing the first round of legendary trinkets (Aurora and Coalescence) and finalizing the legendary armour from raids. Please let me know.
  14. It was quite ok, but there have been some technical flaws from my side that evening. But we should learn from it - and see how we can tackle T4 soonish.
  15. [Permanent Self-Style Hair Kit] Yes, it was really good this week. Lets keep it up!
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