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  1. I'd be interested, would just need a sever switch.
  2. Malukah composed an amazing cover of Fear Not this night. Found it earlier, she has done covers of Skyrim songs which she is more well known for, particularly Dragon Born Comes, but thought I'd post.
  3. Current Goals Finish Desert map completion Get Shining blade Finish the LW4 story Get the Skyscale Get the Rollerbeatle Do the latest story LW5 Complete legendary armour through PVP More strike missions and things like that WVW more to get the Warclaw. wish for more hours in the day to do all that:O
  4. Some of the photos are not loading for me:O
  5. I still can't find the post about Thursday, maybe i'm missing a thread?
  6. I've done some Fractals, and would like to try raiding some time:O
  7. Hello Guild Wars Member Guild Wars 2 Member Thank you
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