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  1. So to bump this topic, we would be at least 5 people - definitely enough to start raids in WvW. If you all switch we can make it and start WvWing together as well!
  2. Personally I prefer the one from Jenn Sakura.
  3. Groups added to the above as well as to @Visceryn, @Hunter Gorl, @Kveld. Added Added
  4. So you're interested but would have to buy gems to switch?
  5. I'd like to start hosting WvW Guild Missions as well as regular guild events (raids) in World vs World. For this, I'd like to know who would be willing to participate. There will be only one requirement: The guild server is Fissure of Woe. Unfortunately, for WvW, we have to be on the same server. About switching servers: You can switch FOR FREE if you only have one character on your account. For all others, switching to Fissure currently costs 500 gems (that is ~150 Gold in Currency Exchange, or a 10 Euro purchase you will get 800 gems for on the Gem Store). Please let me know
  6. I still need the Skyscale TBH it's kind of the reason I'm not playing much at the moment. I hate the stuff I need to do for it lol
  7. Many of us want to play the game Bannerlord and/or have anxiously awaited its release. If you'd like to join UCLG in exploring this new release, please let me know in a comment or PM here or on Discord so I can talk it over with each of you!
  8. [13:07:03] <Phoenixus> dammit, got distracted and my lump went cold
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