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  2. Envoy Armor I: Experimental Armor Collection Comprehensive guide by Et3rnal Abyss, all credit goes to him! The source for the information and all the pictures is wiki.guildwars2.com. Unlocking the collection is done by obtaining The Lost Art of Armor Crafting after defeating any raid boss for the first time. Consume the item to start the collection. Wing I – Spirit Vale Infused Living Crystal: You get this item by interacting with any of the three pylons at Vale Guardian while having a Living Crystal in your inventory. The Living Crystal can be obtai
  3. Conjured amalgamate This is the first boss of the Mythwright Gambit raid wing. His encounter starts at the start of the raid, there is no pre-event. Conjured amalgamate Firstly, the map looks like a half-circle devided in 4 quadrants. The boss will spawn in the hole of the inner circle. A picture of the map, with the quadrants numbered, looks as follows: https://gyazo.com/fc838008261bbd66f8e8bdef5ee26d97 Secondly, this fight has 4 special roles. These roles only matter for the collection phases. They are the following: Sword 1 Sword 2 Shield 1 Shield 2
  4. Reserved for general blahblah wing 6 mimimi
  5. Second encounter: Traverse the Spirit Woods After the vale guardian is defeated, a path opens up. In this path, several events need to be completed to continue to the next boss, Gorseval. These events are fairly easy and contain no boss, but count as raid encounter and award the group with a Legendary Insight if completed. These events evolve around ghostly enemies, some of which can only be damaged with condition damage. Part 1: Spectral rifts The group will approach an open area with a closed gate and several spirits. As soon as these spirits are k
  6. First encounter: the Vale Guardian The Vale guardian is the first boss of the spirit vale, and is significantly harder than the first three bosses of Bastion of the Pentinent. The fight consists of 5 phrases, with mechanics that keep repeating throughout these phrases. A helpful video guide is also available at the bottom of this guide. To reach the boss, three aspects of the boss, minibosses, need to be defeated first. These three bosses are identical to the aspects during phrase 2 and 4, and are discribed further down in the guide. The area consists of
  7. This thread is a guide for the encounters in the Spirit Vale raid. It only covers the encounters. Additional information can be found on the official gw2 wiki. Each explanation is also accompanied by a video, which anyone interested in joining should watch.
  8. Third encounter: Samarog, the warden Samarog, also known as Sammy, is the third boss in the Bastion of the Pentinent raid. You reach him by following the path after the mursaat overseer boss untill you reach a door. Interacting with this door will give you the "gift of true sight buff" and allows you to search rubble for keys. The raid group needs to find 4 keys to open the door, or a thief can just lockpick it. The arena of Samarog is a big rectangle with spiked walls. The boss will use a lot of knockbacks, which will instantly kill you if you hit the spikes. Stability can
  9. Second encounter: Mursaat Overseer This is the second boss in the raid wing. After defeating cairn, you must first talk to the npc. Then glide down into the area and follow the path into a small prison block. Find the non-broken shovel a bit further down the hall, then go back to the rubble next to the broken shovel and dig a few times untill the path opens. The boss room is behind this rubble. This fight is relatively easy, but requires us to do some mechanics correctly. Please also watch the video guide below. The area looks like a big square consisting of 16 sma
  10. First encounter: Cairn the Indomitable Cairn is the first boss in this raid. You reach him by just following the path when entering the raid instance. He is one of the easiest encounters in the gw2 raids and should not be a problem for any group with a decent understanding of the games' mechanics and their roles. Positioning Generally the commander of the raid will place markers, similar to the following picture. The circular drawing is the "compass-esque" engraving in the middle of the arena. The green arrow shows where the first green circle
  11. This thread is a guide for the encounters in the Bastion of the Pentinent raid. It only covers the encounters. Additional information can be found on the official gw2 wiki. Each explanation is also accompanied by a video, which anyone interested in joining should watch.
  12. Forging steel This strike is a bit of an outlier as it is not really considered a "strike" by most people. Most lfg's that do "all strikes" do not do this one, for example. This is because this strike is an extremely easy but slow tank escort to an extremely easy but slow boss. It can easily be solo'd or duo'd because the instance is actually the majority of the story chapter "Visions of the past: Steel and Fire". Some challenge motes can be activated to make the escort significantly more difficult, so a bigger strike group is necessary. This is however not rewarding except some achei
  13. Whisper of Jormag The other difficult strike, Whisper of jormag is a strike boss that requires one of the essence masteries for the CC ability and extra chests, as well as knowledge of the mechanics. The whisper of jormag has several mechanics, but not all are important. Make sure to watch the video guide below, since I only summarise the mechanics that the group must pay attention to. 1) Occasionally the boss will spawn big, following circles under everyone that stick to your character, and have an expanding inner circle to show when they are about to trigger. You can dodg
  14. Boneskinner This is another arena boss similar to Fraenir and the kodas. It also requires one of the essence masteries to get the ability and open extra chests near the end. This boss is seen as one of the most difficult strike missions. The mechanics are very straightforward but require constant attention and relatively fast reactions, as it can be very punishing and resulting in an instant death. Please watch the video for the boss if you have never done this strike before. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO STACK VERY CLOSE TOGETHER, BEST ON THE COMMANDER TAG, DURING THIS BOSS
  15. Cold War Another easy strike, this one does not require the masteries. The strike consists of 4 waves of regular enemies, each one followed by a minor boss and the last one by the real strike boss. If all of these can be defeated within certain timeframes, bonus chests will spawn at the end with extra loot. The waves are fairly easy, just stay mostly together as a group so the healers can easily keep the group healthy. Splitting up mindlessly might get you focused down by a ton of enemies at once. Certain enemies also drop bazookas to shoot down enemy helicopters with.
  16. Voice and claw of the fallen (also referred to as "Kodans or Kodas") This fight consists of 2 bosses in the middle of the same arena as the Fraenir, 2 kodas named "The Voice" and "The Claw" (or something like that). Note that one of the essence manipulation masteries is required here to open extra chests at the end of the strike, and also helps a lot in a CC phrase. The Voice is a ranged boss, the Claw is a melee boss. They fight together and teleport to new positions in the map every 30 seconds. They also place red AoE's around the map which you should try to avoid. These AoE's
  17. Fraenir of Jormag This strike is just a boss in the middle of an arena without anything before or after. The boss itself is very easy, just like the previous one. It is just a damage sponge. Note that one of the essence manipulation masteries is required here to open extra chests at the end of the strike, and also helps a lot in a CC phrase. There are a few minor mechanics of note though. 1) The boss will occasionally teleport to the side of the arena, teleport back after a few seconds to the middle and hover in the air. After a few more seconds, he will smack down and caus
  18. Shiverpeaks Pass Shiverpeaks pass consists of a small platforming puzzle with some minor chests to grab, which leads to the platform with the boss When any player of the group reaches the platform, a teleport shrine will also activate so anyone can instantly get there. The boss itself has no important mechanics, it's just a damage sponge and anything he does is easily outhealed. If he is killed within a certain time, we get a bit of extra loot. Achievements 1) Defeat the boss. 2) Defeat the boss without getting downed. 3) Defeat the boss in a certain time for the
  19. This page serves as a guide for the different strike missions, both in terms of what you need to be able to join them as well as a guide for each of the strikes. REQUIREMENTS TO PARTICIPATE IN STRIKES Mandatory requirements 1) You need to have a level 80 character 2) You need to have access to the strikes (might require you have unlocked certain icebrood saga episodes) 3) You need to have the eye of the north waypoint unlocked (feel free to ask someone to teleport-to-friend to the eye, so you have it) Optional but helpful Having the icebrood s
  20. UCLG Raids via Fractals: Five bosses slain (2020-10-25) After the first certified kill of a raid boss by a UCLG raid squad one week ago, the battle went on and I am proud to announce that during the past two weekends UCLG raid squads, led by Commander Aethelwyna, KUL, vanquished not only Cairn the Indomitable several times, but also the Mursaat Overseer, the Vale Guardian, Samorog and - today for the first time - Gorseval the Multifarious. On Saturday, 2020-10-17, a UCLG raid with (from left to right in the picture below) Eternal Abyss, John (Amaryllis Sky), Raven (Antoria Pen
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