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  2. And maybe restart training for raids soonishly. I think everyone would be interested in more concrete details (if available). However, please keep in mind that a far higher level of play is required from everyone for raids and no "we can carry person X through" is applicable. Atleast this is my perception (unless they dumped down the difficulty of raids) - happy to have a chat about current plans and everything around it.
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  4. So to bump this topic, we would be at least 5 people - definitely enough to start raids in WvW. If you all switch we can make it and start WvWing together as well!
  5. I'd be interested, would just need a sever switch.
  6. You should mention Gerrinde, too. I took the 'Search and Rescue' Trait, so my pets joins me healing a downed player. She won't res defeated ones, but won't stop healing if someone dies during her work. So sometime she just gets along and someone up again.
  7. UCLG Raids via Fractals Event 29 (2020-07-30) This week's fractal event was dominated by the strife for getting the second collection for Ad Infinitum done. The picture below shows Rijoo (left, sitting on the table), Dimat (with her new ascended greatsword Caladbolg Orchida), me, the empress AJBlack (as the Ice Queen, in a state of exaltation), Georgo (with his loyal greatsword Dark Harvest), Kinzx (with his old legendary greatsword Eternity) and Aethelwyna (with his new legendary greatsword Exordium). So we set out in two groups.. The one group, with Rijoo, Georgo, Dimat, St Acacia (Whit) and me, ran into some kind of trouble in the Snowblind challenge mote while fighting the final boss and it wasn't before we adjusted our settings and tactics that we finally succeeded. Thaumanova Reactor time-trial and the challenge mote in Uncategorized went smooth though, as well as the other tasks for the Ad Infinitum II collection. After that, we stormed the recs for some missing fractal pages for Dimat and Georgo. For a finale, we had Eresch take over for Dimat and we tested our mettle in the Nightmare scale 99 challenge mote. We managed to kill the first boss and fight our way into the first dps race phase of the second, but that was the best we could do. For now. The other group, led by the empress AJBlack, with Aethelwyna and Kinzx completing a triple Guardian squad, picked up two PUGs, lost them again and then threemanned most of the challenge motes for Uncategorized and Snowblind as well as the time trial in the Thaumanova Reactor fractal. After completing the remaining tasks for the collection, they went for the dailies on tier 4 and won them valiantly. In the picture you can see the triple Guardian team, with (from left to right) Aethelwyna, the empress AJBlack as the Ice Queen and Kinzx:
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  9. Intermediate Event Evaluation 2020-07-28 After running this event for about half a year now I am happy to see how many of us are now playing tier 4 fractals as if they never did anything else before. Many people in the guild now have ascended gear of the appropriate stats, 150+ agony resistance and know how to perform as a team. I definitely think we can be proud of that. And maybe restart training for raids soonishly. The fractal event on Thursday will go on though, with the stress even more on getting new people into fractals at all and into proper gear or on higher tiers than they are currently playing. Of course, everyone who is already at the top of fractals is very welcome to join the event and maybe lead groups of new comerades into fractals or into higher tiers.
  10. Personally I prefer the one from Jenn Sakura.
  11. UCLG Raids via Fractals Event 28 (2020-07-24) With a mixed group of seven participants we had to take turns this time.. So Rijoo, Dimat, Whit and me took Rode Veer for the recommended fractals for tier 1 (Undergroud Facility) and tier 2 (Urban Battlegrounds), before Georgo (who was late as usual) took over for Rode Veer for the recommended fractal for tier 3 (Siren's Reef). After that, Dimat switched into the captain's chair and watched the rest of us, lead by Eresch, vanquishing the tier 4 dailies (Aquatic Ruins, Snowblind and Thaumanova Reactor). Then we concluded the evening with exploring alternate paths to the jumping puzzle chest in the Mistlock Observatory with reduced gravity. In the picture, taken just after the exit back to Lion's Arch with the Aerodrome in the background, you can see (from left to right) Georgo, me, Dimat (for once with her whole face showing), Rijoo (for once a very tiny asura), Eresch (for once lending Dimat an ear, as First Mate Horrik, after he had unleashed the canons) and Whit.
  12. Malukah composed an amazing cover of Fear Not this night. Found it earlier, she has done covers of Skyrim songs which she is more well known for, particularly Dragon Born Comes, but thought I'd post.
  13. I moved two of the shots from discord to imgur, hope this works now. Maybe the group rights system prevented them from being loaded. Pls tell me if the problem persists.
  14. Current Goals Finish Desert map completion Get Shining blade Finish the LW4 story Get the Skyscale Get the Rollerbeatle Do the latest story LW5 Complete legendary armour through PVP More strike missions and things like that WVW more to get the Warclaw. wish for more hours in the day to do all that:O
  15. Some of the photos are not loading for me:O
  16. UCLG Raids via Fractals Event 27 (2020-07-16) Two premières this time in the UCLG fractal event.. Eresch returned and took Rijoo, the empress AJBlack, Georgo and me to tier four where we valiantly won the dailies (Cliffside, Chaos and Twilight Oasis, where the empress beat Amala with her dying breath and her downed skills). Dimat accepted my request and led Kinzx, Visceryn, Aethelwyna and John to the daily recs first where they won the Molten Boss and the Swampland fractal. After that, Eresch changed groups and helped out Dimat, Kinzx and John, while the rest of my group, partially together with one PUG, but for quite a time on our own, beat the recs for tier 1 to 3. In the first picture (courtsey to Kinzx) you can see (from left to right) Amaryllis Sky (John), Dimat, Kinzx and Ethelwyna (and Dimats raveneagle) in the Mystlock Observatory's eternal sundown. For the other group you got two pictures: One with Eresch (iconographic representation) as the big ol' tree behind Georgo, Rijoo, me and the empress AJBlack (with her jubilating Ice Queen toon), the other one with Eresch (as before) and the rest of us turned into snowflakes.
  17. UCLG Raids via Fractals Event 26 (2020-07-10) After all the event is almost becoming an operation.. Again we had two groups going for loot and glory in the Fractals of the Mist. Since we knew we'd have a longish evening in front of us, we started off with relaxing in our undies: behold (from left to right) Amaryllis Sky (John), Dimat, Kinzx, Aethelwyna, Rijoo, me, the empress AJBlack on her cloud and Luna Svk (Georgo). Missing in the picture for some unknown reason is Visceryn. Rijoo proves that she can look grumpy even in a bathing suit and the human girls show that they have much nicer lingerie than we Norns have.. In my group Rijoo, Dimat, Aethelwyna and Kinzx started with ticking off the recommended fractals from tier 1 to tier 3 (Deepstone, Twilight Oasis, Underground Facility) and then went on to conquer tier 3 dailies (Molten Furnace, Solid Ocean and Urban Battlegrounds). After that, we went into extra time and played Swampland (challenge mote), Aquatic Ruins (challenge mote), Solid Ocean (kill 'em all achievement and time trial) and finally Volcanic (all tier 1) for the first Ad Infinitum collection. As you can see in the picture, Kinzx was jumping for joy and Rijoo, healing hat still on, put her finger on it once again. The empresses group (Amaryllis Sky, Visceryn, Georgo and one PUG) decided to go for the Ad Infinitum collection right away and therefore beat the Urban Battlegrounds, the Swampland (challenge mote), the Aquatic Ruins (challenge mote), the Solid Ocean (time trial) and the Volcanic fractal. Look at this discipline in lining up after the victory!
  18. Groups added to the above as well as to @Visceryn, @Hunter Gorl, @Kveld. Added Added
  19. UCLG Raids via Fractals Event 25 (2020-07-02) Geez, for the 25th time that we ventured into the Fractals of the Mist as a guild, we really had a lot of people running through Dessa's realms. We actually had two full groups running simultaneously, one on tier 1 and one on tier 3. That is.. for the first time.. a full raid squad. And this although Eresch and Loreena were away working, Georgo was cut off from electricity and my sister Rijoo couldn't join either. In the picture below you can see the whole posse after meeting up in guild hall: From left to right it's Amaryllis Sky, Kinzx, Cesmedj, Aethelwyna, Cally, Younaty, Dimat, me and the empress AJBlack, with Chronos lying in front of us. In the first group Aethelwyna, Younaty, Dimat, Cesmedj and me tackled the recommended fractal for tier 1 (Aetherblade) and reaped our first rewards. After that we stormed Deepstone (tier 1) and Underground Facility (tier 2, with two people on Agony Resistance 0), before we concluded with the Mai Trin Boss Fractal (tier 1). The screenshot below shows the five of us on her airship, for a change with the hud on.. The second group was led by the empress herself and Amaryllis Sky, Kinzx, Chronos and Cally joining. They won the recommended fractals for tier 1 (Aetherblade) und tier 2 (Thaumanova Reactor) as well as the Underground Facility (tier 3) and tested their mettle at Deepstone and Shattered Observatory (tier 3). During Deepstone Younaty took over for the empress. The picture shows the group in Deepstone Hall, with Kinzx, Chronos, a PUG who took over for Amaryllis Sky (who had to drop out because of low agony resistance), the empress AJBlack and Cally (left to right).
  20. Yeah. I have 100 gems. But just bought the griffon so... no gold left for gems. I played WvW with my guardian a little to get the Warclaw.
  21. So you're interested but would have to buy gems to switch?
  22. I'd join, but I don't have any gold left atm.
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