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  2. Conjured amalgamate This is the first boss of the Mythwright Gambit raid wing. His encounter starts at the start of the raid, there is no pre-event. Conjured amalgamate Firstly, the map looks like a half-circle devided in 4 quadrants. The boss will spawn in the hole of the inner circle. A picture of the map, with the quadrants numbered, looks as follows: https://gyazo.com/fc838008261bbd66f8e8bdef5ee26d97 Secondly, this fight has 4 special roles. These roles only matter for the collection phases. They are the following: Sword 1 Sword 2 Shield 1 Shield 2 The rest of the group has a dps phase during this collection phase, so "optimally" it's done by the support players. Not mandatory though, everyone can do it. Thirdly, know that this fight favours power over condition very much. Condition damage classes should absolutly swap to a power build if possible. Lastly, there are 2 kinds of adds during this fight which spawn on specific points in the fight. These are conjured swords and conjured shields. Conjured swords can be killed fairly fast, conjured shields need to be CC'd first. Also know that these shields can not be pulled in. If a sword and a shield merge, they become a conjured warrior, which can do massive damage to the group. Therefore it's important that we properly kill these adds when they appear. When a conjured sword is killed, he will drop a "sword pickup". When a shield is killed, he will drop a "shield pickup". A sword pickup is used to: 1) damage the boss 2) remove armor from the boss 3) break the shield of the boss if he has it 4) cc the shields A shield pickup is used to: 1) reduce damage from thunderclaps 2) reduce damage from the rubble walls. These pickups manifest as a special action key ability, and also show as a symbol above your head. When to use these pickups is explained below. The fight itself consists of a pattern of repeating phases. 1) The first arm phase. Most groups, including ours, start with the right arm of the boss. This is the arm on the 3rd quadrant of the map. When the fight starts, make sure to get on this 3rd quadrant and always stay on this 3rd quadrant. Going on the 2nd quadrant can cause the other arm to phase in. Conjured Amalgamate will raise up his arm and slam it down after a few seconds. Try to dodge this slam. The arm stays down for 15 seconds, in which everyone needs to dps the arm. After 15 seconds, CA lifts his arm up again and will smash it down after another few seconds. This is also when a group of conjured swords spawns around us. These need to be killed. If you pick up a "sword pickup", keep it untill the next adds spawn. CA smashes his arm down (dodge this again) and it can be dpsed for another 15 seconds or so. After these 15 seconds, he will once again raise his arm and the conjured shields will spawn around us. These need to be cc'd before they can be killed. Focus on the shields untill the arm comes down again. If you pick up any shield pickups, keep them. CA smashes his arm down again (dodge this again) and it can be dpsed for another 15 seconds. This is also when people with a "sword pickup" need to use their special action to hit both the arm and any remaining shields. After these 15 seconds, he will raise his arm again and do the thunderclap ability. CA claps his hands and everyone will take massive damage. Everyone must stack on top of each other and the people with shield pickups must use it now. If not used, the group will die. CA will smash his arm down again (dodge this again) and it can be dpsed for anotehr 15 seconds. If the arm can't be killed in this phase then the dps is really bad and needs to be better. Ideally we want the arm broken before the thunderclap, but it's fine to use an extra phase. In short: arm -> swords -> arm -> shields -> arm -> thunderclap -> arm. 2) The first dps/collection phase. After the first arm died, the entire group goes to the middle (arrow marker) and starts dpsing the boss, except collectors "sword 1" and "shield 1". A lot of orbs come flying in towards CA. Important of these are green orbs with a vertical white line (sword orbs) and green orbs with a white circle around (shield orbs). The sword orbs come in from quadrant 1 to quadrant 4, the shield orbs come in from quadrant 4 to quadrant 1. Sword 1 must run to quadrant 1-2 and collect the sword orbs as they come in. Stay at the inner circle of the arena or you will not be able to run fast enough. Shield 1 must do the same, but starting on quadrant 3-4. When "sword 1" and "shield 1" cross the middle, "sword 2" and "shield 2" take over and continue the collection while sword 1 and shield 1 start attacking the boss. If a sword gets through to the boss, the boss will deal more damage. If a shield gets through to the boss, the boss will become invulnerable untill a sword ability is used. Sword 1 can use his/her sword special action on the boss for etra damage and perhaps break the shield if it appeared. Shield 1 must keep his shield for now. After the collection phrase ends, everyone stays stacked on the arrow marker and dpses the boss. Sword 2 can also use his sword on the boss for extra damage. A rubble wall will move over the area, going from quadrant 4 to quadrant 1 (from right to left.) When it is about to pass the group, "shield 1" must use his special action to protect the group. Otherwise we wipe. Shield 2's ability is -technically- not needed so it can be used as a backup for shield 1, or kept for the next phase, if a "tricky situation" pops up. 3) The second arm phase. This phase is exactly the same as the first arm phase. The only differences are that it happens on quadrant 2 instead of 3, and instead of a thunderclap, the boss will make rubble fall down. After this arm is destroyed, the next phase starts. In short: arm -> swords -> arm -> shield -> arm -> rubble -> arm. 4) The second collection phase. This phase is identical to the first collection phase. The only difference is that the rubble wall afterwards will go over us twice, first from left to right (quadrant 1->4) and then from right to left (quadrant 4 -> 1) We can use both shield players to block the wall twice, but it is easier to move to the second marker (circle) instead. When the wall is about to hit the group, shield 1 can use his special action to block the wall in both directions. Do not use the ability too early though. Remember to keep dpsing the boss during this. Edit: it is possible that CA follows up this phase with another thunderclap, so it is important to keep shield 2 ready! 5) Third arm phase Identical to the first arm phase. 6) Third collection phase This is really the last moment to kill the boss, if not killed here then again the dps is lacking extremely hard. With better damage output, the arms die with 3 or less slams and the boss dies within 2 collection phases. Keep in mind that at least the shields must still be collected of the boss will get an invulnerability shield.
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  4. Second encounter: Traverse the Spirit Woods After the vale guardian is defeated, a path opens up. In this path, several events need to be completed to continue to the next boss, Gorseval. These events are fairly easy and contain no boss, but count as raid encounter and award the group with a Legendary Insight if completed. These events evolve around ghostly enemies, some of which can only be damaged with condition damage. Part 1: Spectral rifts The group will approach an open area with a closed gate and several spirits. As soon as these spirits are killed, the event starts. Spectral rifts will spawn on the map. These are capture points that must be captured by the group within 20 seconds. The group can just run from point to point and capture them with little issues. A mesmer with blink and portals makes this part even easier. After a while, if every rift was successfuly captured, the event completes and the gate opens. The group enters a small building with more spirits which have to be defeated. When these are defeated, a gate opens that leads to the next phrase. A torch can also be picked up here, which is used to unlock an extra reward chest if it is successfully carried through the rest of this encounter. Part 2: Spirit race After part 1, the group needs to glide down from a ledge. The group must then continue to run away through the path while capturing spectral rifts and destroying Ethereal Barriers. There are three sets of rifts and barriers. Firstly there is 1 rift and a barrier, then two rifts before the second barrier and lastly three rifts before the last barrier. It is important that some players, best the support roles, capture these rifts while the rest of the group focuses on destroying the barriers. Therefore, three people must be assigned to capturing the rifts. Also note that a big gap must be glided across just after the second barrier. It is easy to not see this gap in time and fall to your death if not careful. Part 3 - Cemetery After the group successfuly escaped, the group enters a cemetary with five hidden pressure plates which must all be pressed at the same time to open the next gate. However, ghosts will constantly spawn and attack the players, so this must be done before the split-up group gets overwhelmed. The first is past the staircase to the left in a small alcove. The rest of the group typically then attempt the jumping puzzle across the branch and mushrooms to reach the highest pad next to the gate. Once one person is successful there is a small building below that pad that contains the third one. The fourth is reached by going up the stairs to the left, the same ones used to reach the jumping puzzle, and continuing past the tree branch jump down to the lower ledge. The final pad is also to the right side of the area behind some buildings after going up the much smaller staircase. Once each of these pads has a person standing on it all at the same time the gate will open and the encounter will be completed. After this gate, the torch can be used on a brazier to spawn in a bouncing mushroom which leads to an extra chest.
  5. First encounter: the Vale Guardian The Vale guardian is the first boss of the spirit vale, and is significantly harder than the first three bosses of Bastion of the Pentinent. The fight consists of 5 phrases, with mechanics that keep repeating throughout these phrases. A helpful video guide is also available at the bottom of this guide. To reach the boss, three aspects of the boss, minibosses, need to be defeated first. These three bosses are identical to the aspects during phrase 2 and 4, and are discribed further down in the guide. The area consists of a circle, divided in three equal pieces. Each piece is marked by a colloured pylon. These are important for phrase 2 and 4. General Mechanics these mechanics happen constantly during the fight, in all phrases. Each mechanic is also connected to a certain aspect of the boss in phrases 2 and 4, as well as before the boss. 1) The boss will target the player with the highest toughness stat, the tank of the group. This player, usually a mesmer, has the role of positioning the boss. The boss often uses cleaving melee attacks, so the rest of the group must try to stack behind the boss to avoid this damage. 2) green circles will constantly spawn in the section of the circle in which the boss is standing. After a few seconds, this circle explodes and deals damage to all players in the arena equal to 80% of their maximum health. This can be prevented by having 4 or more players stand within this circle. Usually these circles are ignored and the damage is outhealed, except during the separated aspects phrases 2 and 4, or if the group happens to pass by one of these circles in phrase 5. 3) Blue circles will constantly spawn and teleport you away after a few seconds if you stand in them. This is not very dangerous at the start of the fight, but during later phrases of the fight you can get teleported into damaging areas, possibly killing your character within seconds. Therefore it is very important to avoid these at all times. The circles show as dark blue circles with a shiny effect on the floor, and if you stand on top of one you can hear an electric buzzing, as well as see that the edges of your screen will have an orange effect. If you notice any of these signs, make sure to dodge away. 4) Seekers (enemy red floating orbs) will spawn sporadically. They are slow moving but do a lot of damage around them. When these approach the group, they must be snared or knocked back untill they despawn. Examples of good skills for these are: guardian shield 5, mesmer focus, druid glyph of the tides, ranger entangle,.. 5) Occasionally the boss will start spinning around and throwing projectiles around, which will show up as a lot of small ground projectiles. This stops after a while, or can be interrupted by using CC skills on the boss. The phrases Phrase 1 The boss only uses the mechanics discirbed under the General Mechanics section of the guide in this part of the fight. The tank positions the boss at the edge of the map, so the amount of seekers that reaches the group remains limited. The rest of the group stacks behind the boss. When the boss reaches 66% health, phrase 2 starts. Phrase 2 The boss will become invulnerable for a few seconds, and walk towards the middle of the arena. Three aspects of the boss will spawn, a red, green and blue one. These spawn at the pillars of their respective collour. The red aspect of the boss can only be damaged with condition damage, and spawns the seekers in his part of the area. The blue aspect of the boss repeatably gets the boon "Blue Pylon Power" which makes him invulnerable to damage. This boon needs to be stripped constantly so the aspect can be killed. This boss also spawns the green circles that deal 80% health damage when they explode in his section of the map. During the split phrase, only 3 players must stand in these circles to prevent their explosion. The green aspect of the boss spawns the blue teleportation circles in his area. After an aspect reaches 0% health, his CC-bar must be broken to kill the aspect. At the start of phrase 2, when the boss reaches the middle and the aspects spawn in, players will also get an attunement to the pillar of which map part they are in. This is a big symbol above the players head. Each of the aspects has a very big area of effect field around them, which does a lot of pulsing damage to players within their area if they are not attuned to their collour. When the boss becomes invulnerable, the players must split up to the three pylons in order to get the correct attunement. If a green circle is still about to detonate, the group can wait a bit in order to heal up from this damage first. 2 or 3 players of the group must be condition damage and go to the red pylon. They must kill this aspect with conditions and break its cc bar. The tank of the group must go to the green pylon and pull the green aspect to the blue pylon, where the biggest part of the group and all healers are. All other players must go to the blue pylon and kill the blue aspect (with boonstrip) as well as the green aspect. The players will take damage from the area effect of the green aspect, but all healers of the group are at this position too and can outheal this damage. This group must also make sure to claim the green circles in their section of the map, or the players at the red aspect will die from the explosions. It is also important to keep the blue and green aspect close to the blue pylon, and not move them in the direction of the red pylon, or the players at the red aspect will die from their damage fields. There are normally no healers present at the red aspect. After the 3 aspects are defeated, phrase 3 of the fight starts. Phrase 3 This phrase is nearly identical to phrase 1, the tank will hold the boss while the rest of the group stacks behind the boss to not get cleaved. However, 1 of the 3 circle segments will light up and do a lot of damage to everyone on top of it. This light up platform will rotate around the area clockwise. It changes positions every 20 seconds. Therefore the tank and group will stand on a border of 2 sections so the group can quickly hop over it to avoid the light-up section, as illustrated on this picture: The red circle illustrates the position of the tank. Phrase 4 Phrase 4 is a split phrase of the boss, identical to phrase 2. phrase 5 Phrase 5 is identical to phrase 3, but 2 sections will light up at once instead of only 1. These still rotate clockwise, jumping a tile each 20 seconds. In order to avoid these, the group must rotate clockwise aroudn the area. Normally the group starts at the border between the RED and GREEN pylon for this phrase, the commander places a marker on this spot in advance. Party composition In this raid, different roles must be filled. On top of the regular support buffs and heals, the raid group needs a person with a higher toughness than the rest to tank the boss, as well as boon strip capabilities and a few players with decent condition damage. Guides wiki guide: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Spirit_Vale video guide: er:
  6. This thread is a guide for the encounters in the Spirit Vale raid. It only covers the encounters. Additional information can be found on the official gw2 wiki. Each explanation is also accompanied by a video, which anyone interested in joining should watch.
  7. Third encounter: Samarog, the warden Samarog, also known as Sammy, is the third boss in the Bastion of the Pentinent raid. You reach him by following the path after the mursaat overseer boss untill you reach a door. Interacting with this door will give you the "gift of true sight buff" and allows you to search rubble for keys. The raid group needs to find 4 keys to open the door, or a thief can just lockpick it. The arena of Samarog is a big rectangle with spiked walls. The boss will use a lot of knockbacks, which will instantly kill you if you hit the spikes. Stability can be used to prevent this, but it is best to dodge the attacks yourself. The mechanics basic attack pattern Sammy has a basic attack patternthat consists of 2 attacks: The main attack is a big overhead slam which causes a shockwave. This shockwave will knock you back, potentially killing you on the spikes of the edges of the arena. The attack is very telegraphed and you can easily just jump over or dodge through the shockwave. He will also occsaionally do a big, double horizontal swipe which can knock you back twice. You can simply dodge to the back of the boss to avoid this. The spears Occasionally big orange circles will appear in the arena, soon followed by a big spear dropping from the sky into this circle. This causes a strong, condition-applying AoE to spawn on this circle untill the spear is destroyed. Starting at the second phrase, the boss will occasionally do an attack in which he pulls all the spears of the arena to himself, doing a lot of damage to any players standing in the path of the spears. This attack is easy to avoid, so the spears can be mostly ignored when they are not in a position that hinders the fight. Otherwise they can easily be destroyed with ranged weapons. boss aggro and positioning His aggro is on a 'random' player and changes at every 10% hp interval. This aggro isn't actually random, he targets the person the furthest away. We don't pay attention to this though. Just look at who has a purple icon above his/her head.) All his attacks are slow and telegraphed so being the tank does not really matter. The people without the target should try to stay behind the boss to have an easier time dodging the attacks. However, after 10% of his hp is lost, the boss becomes invulnerable to damage and conditions and pins the fixated person in place. This person will be stunned and can not move or cast skills, and will take a constant stream of damage from the boss. The boss must be CC'd to make this stop before the pinned person dies, as this attack will not result in a downed phrase but instead instantly kill the player when his/her health runs out. Note that the boss has a fairly strong CC-bar (4500) and due to his condition immunity, soft CC like blind will not work. The group needs to have enough hard CC to save the fixated player in time. A breakdown of hard cc skills can be found here: https://guildwarshub.com/hard-cc-skill-reference-guide/ The adds every 66% and 33%, the boss will retreat behind an orange shield and spawn 2 adds, a small one and a big one. When these adds are close to each other, their damage will increase a lot. Damaging the big add will damage the small add instead, the small add can initially not be damaged directly. If the small add dies (by damaging the big add) while the small add is under the shield of the boss, the big add becomes vulnerable to damage untill the small add respawns. The strategy is to push the small add under the shield and use immobilises and pushes to keep him there. Do not go into the shield yourself since it will do a lot of damage to players. Focus dps on the big add while the small add is under the shield to kill the small add and damage the big add. Repeat a few times untill both adds are dead. After the adds die, the next phrase of the fight starts. It is mostly the same as the first phrase, but each phrase addsan extra mechanic. The circles Starting at the second phrase, so after the first adds have been killed at 66%, the circles mechanic will appear. 2 players will get a circle under their feet, 1 big orange one and 1 small green one. These players need to stand on top of each other and away from the group (outside orange circle range) or the circles will detonate for a lot of damage. Generally the person with the big orange circle positions to a safe location, and the person with the green circle follows this person and stacks on top of him/her. Keep in mind that this mechanic continues untill the end of the fight, so also during the 33% adds phrase. Bludgeon In the last phrase of the fight, so after the second minions have been killed at 33%, the boss will gain a new attack. This attack is called "bludgeon" It is basically the same as his normal shockwave attack, but faster and stronger. It is easily avoided by standing close to the boss. guides wiki guide: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Bastion_of_the_Penitent#Samarog video guide:
  8. Second encounter: Mursaat Overseer This is the second boss in the raid wing. After defeating cairn, you must first talk to the npc. Then glide down into the area and follow the path into a small prison block. Find the non-broken shovel a bit further down the hall, then go back to the rubble next to the broken shovel and dig a few times untill the path opens. The boss room is behind this rubble. This fight is relatively easy, but requires us to do some mechanics correctly. Please also watch the video guide below. The area looks like a big square consisting of 16 smaller squares in a 4x4 pattern. This is important for some of the mechanics. There will also be 3 objects on the floor, powers which we need in the instance. Do NOT pick these up unless it is your role to do so. The fight starts when all 3 objects are taken. The objects There are 3 objects to pickup on the floor: claim, dispell and protect. They have the following properties: Claim can be used to remove the damaging heat effect from one of the squares of the arena. The person with Claim also gets the aggro of the main boss. Note that this boss does not actually fight, this aggro is only important for the positioning of the group. Dispel is used to remove the orange shield of jade scouts and knights. If not removed, these adds remain invulnerable. Protect is used to cast a bubble which gives complete damage immunity for 5 seconds to everyone inside, but this has a very long cooldown. It can only be used once in the fight. The person with protect will also get the aggro from the jade knights, which is also important for positioning. The jades When the fight starts, 4 jade scouts will spawn on the back side of the arena and slowly move in a straight line across the area. They essentially work like pawns in chess: when they reach the other side, they power up and become jade knights. These jade scouts can not be killed, however, when their hp reaches 0 they become stunned for a while untill they recover. This can be used to stagger them, so they do not all reach the other side at the same time. Any squares that the jades pass will become heated up and deal damage over time to everyone standing on it. This can be dispelled with the "claim" power. When the jade squares turn into jade knights, they will move to and attack the person with the "protect" power. They also have area of effects around them which deal constant damage and conditions. These jade knights must be killed as soon as they reach the group. When they die, they also explode after a few seconds. Therefore everyone must move out of this explosion AoE. The jade knights will also still turn the ground squares into heated squares. The spikes On top of being heated by jades, each square of the floor can also spawn spikes that will instantly kill anyone on top of them when triggered. This is an instant kill that can not be blocked or avoided, and does not result in a downed state. However, it is very obvious when it is about to happen. The yellow spiketips will show up on the floor long before they extend into the big spikes. It should be clear if you watch the video. These spikes must be avoided at all costs. The squares follow a pattern in regards to the spikes. The only important part to remember of this pattern is that there will ALWAYS be at least 1 square of the center 4 squares that will not get the spikes, except for 1 time in the pattern. In this 1 time, all squares will be spiked except the 4 cornors of the map. If the damage of the group is sufficiently high, this pattern will not appear. Otherwise the protect-power must be kept for this moment, to create a safe space to stand. The strategy The mursaat overseer himself is nothing but a statue. He just follows the person with the claim power and soaks up damage untill he breaks. The difficulty of this raid encounter consists entirely out of the side mechanics. The "tank" role (that takes the claim power) still has an important role to play. This person must always position the mursaat overseer in the middle of the room, in a way that the group can stand on one of the 4 center squares that does not get triggered by the spikes. This person must also claim the these squares against the heat effect. In short, his/her duty is to always provide a safe square for the group to stand on. We do not stagger the jade scouts. It is more efficient to just let them pass. 1 will get cleaved by the group when it passes by us anyways, the other 3 will reach the end and become knights at the same time. However, the person with the dispell-power (usually one of the dps roles) must still make sure that the jade scouts and knights do not have this protection-shield active. Always dispell a shield immediately when it appears. The person with the protect power, usually a healer, must position on the side of the square of the group,usually in the middle under the boss. Ideally this makes it that the jade knights do not come on top of the square with the party and thus not create the heat effect on the square with the group. This is typically a healer since this role does not need to stack as closely to the boss as the rest of the group. This person will use his/her protect-power to tank the jade knight explosion for us, like discribed above. When the jade knights arrive at the party, all the dps roles must focus on bursting them down together with aoe attacks and cleaves. The jades must die at about the same time so the protect can prevent all their explosions. The 4th jade knight will come later and his explosion should just be dodged. Party composition (subject to change) Mandatory: 1 'tank' (any class can tank this boss, it is about positioning). 1 druid healer Very nice to have: Another healer (to make up for mistakes of people and compensate the heat rooms and jade aoe's), like a heal firebrand Sources of quickness (1 per subgroup), like hfb's, qfb's or chronos Some hybrid dps/support like qfb, alac, bs The rest of the slots go to dps. Ideally we want some of the dps to have ranged weapons available, to stagger the jade scouts on the sides. Guides Wiki guide: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Bastion_of_the_Penitent#Mursaat_Overseer Video guide:
  9. First encounter: Cairn the Indomitable Cairn is the first boss in this raid. You reach him by just following the path when entering the raid instance. He is one of the easiest encounters in the gw2 raids and should not be a problem for any group with a decent understanding of the games' mechanics and their roles. Positioning Generally the commander of the raid will place markers, similar to the following picture. The circular drawing is the "compass-esque" engraving in the middle of the arena. The green arrow shows where the first green circle will spawn. At the start of the fight, your aim is to get in this circle, as discribed below. The group then always stacks on the heart. If you get the spectral agony red circle on you (as explained below), move to one of the 3 other symbols where no other player with agony is already standing as soon as possible. At all times when not in position, just use the special action key to teleport into position. A fight overview with mechanics 1. During the entire fight, we get stacks of unseen burden, mostly from walking around. This is a debuff that slows our movement down. However, we also have a special action skill that teleports us to a certain location, with a very short cooldown. Therefore it is best to use this skill and dodges to move around when possible. 2. At the start of each fight, we must glide towards a green circle and stand in it. Cairn will use a knockback to throw us out. Just use the special action to get back in the circle. 3. We always try to stack in front of the boss, at a marked spot (heart in the drawing) More green circles will appear througout the fight but we will ignore these. Instead we will rely on our heal firebrands to give us "stand your ground", a stability buff, to prevent the knockbacks. In the worst scenario we get thrown around, just use the special action to get back in position. 4. Cairn will commonly use a "shotgun" projectiles attack that knocks people away. If you stand close enough to him (on the marked spot), this attack will go over your head and miss you. If you do happen to get hit, just special action back. It might be necessary to avoid using reflect skills or you might reflect this attack into the group, clarification needed. 5. small red circles will constantly appear and teleport everyone on top of them away randomly. Try to avoid these circles. If you get teleported anyways, special action back. 6. Sporadically, cairn will stretch his arm and do a big counter-clockwise spin, hitting everything in the arena with his arm and knocking everyone back. When his arm is about to pass you, just dodge left to avoid it. If you fail this dodge, just use the special action to get back in position. 7. TO SIMPLIFY: IF YOU GET OUT OF POSITION FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, SPECIAL ACTION BACK. 8. THE MOST IMPORTANT MECHANIC: Every 20 seconds, a big red circle (spectral agony) will appear around 1 player and stick to this person. This is normally the person that is the furthest away from the boss. This does little damage to the targetted person, but does a lot of damage to all other people inside the circle. This circle last 60 seconds, thus there will constantly be 3 people with this circle around them. The people with this circle must go to 1 of the 3 other marked spots (see video for reference) as soon as possible to avoid clipping other people. If you get the circle, just move to whichever of the 3 spots that has nobody on it. When a big red circle appears in the stack of players, move around a bit to see whether it is on you. If the person with the circle does not move out of the stack fast enough, he/she might kill the entire team. The druid can also choose to stand behind the main group instead of stacking with the rest. This way the druid will get the agony most of the time, which is not a problem, and keeps the marked spots open. guides: wiki guide: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Bastion_of_the_Penitent#Cairn_the_Indomitable video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjzG0qEi20o
  10. This thread is a guide for the encounters in the Bastion of the Pentinent raid. It only covers the encounters. Additional information can be found on the official gw2 wiki. Each explanation is also accompanied by a video, which anyone interested in joining should watch.
  11. Forging steel This strike is a bit of an outlier as it is not really considered a "strike" by most people. Most lfg's that do "all strikes" do not do this one, for example. This is because this strike is an extremely easy but slow tank escort to an extremely easy but slow boss. It can easily be solo'd or duo'd because the instance is actually the majority of the story chapter "Visions of the past: Steel and Fire". Some challenge motes can be activated to make the escort significantly more difficult, so a bigger strike group is necessary. This is however not rewarding except some acheivements, and takes a fairly long time to complete.
  12. Whisper of Jormag The other difficult strike, Whisper of jormag is a strike boss that requires one of the essence masteries for the CC ability and extra chests, as well as knowledge of the mechanics. The whisper of jormag has several mechanics, but not all are important. Make sure to watch the video guide below, since I only summarise the mechanics that the group must pay attention to. 1) Occasionally the boss will spawn big, following circles under everyone that stick to your character, and have an expanding inner circle to show when they are about to trigger. You can dodge to avoid damage from your own circle, but not from others. The group must split up to not clip each others circles, and correctly time a dodge to avoid the damage. 2) Occasionally a green circle will appear under a persons feets. The group must try to stack in this circle as much as possible because the damage of this attack is shared between the people inside. If not enough people stack inside the circle, the few inside will take a lot of damage. 3) after 70% occasionally the boss will start casting a vortex which will quickly do a lot of damage to the group. The boss needs to be stunned (CC breakbar which will appear) as soon as possible when this starts. This is done best by the mastery ability. 4) at 75% and 25% hp, the boss will teleport you to an area with a clone of yourself which you need to quickly kill. Once you killed your clone, you can also help kill the clones of others. The video also mentions a bug with utility skills during these fights, but this has been fixed. 5) After the 75% clone phrase, the boss will regularly spawn 3 dark blue chains attached to 3 players. The chains do not damage the attached players, but will do a lot of damage to anyone else that clips the chain. Players with a chain must stand still and make sure to not clip any other players. they can also move towards the boss in a straight line to keep attacking, as long as they don't clip any other players with the chain. Note that standing inside the hitbox of the boss will do damage of all 3 chains at once, so this has to be avoided. 6) The boss will occasionally teleport to the sides for a short duration. This can happen when the chains are attached, which will instantly move the position of the chains. Be aware of this. 7) after 25% hp, the boss gains a new and very deadly attack signaled by arrows appearing under the boss in all outward directions. A lot of blue orbs will spawn and move towards the edges of the arena. Touching these orbs will trigger them to explode for a lot of damage. These need to be avoided. Just dodge away and wait for this attack to end. Alternatively the orbs can be blocked by ranger or necromancer pets, or by an alac placing a ventari bubble to shield the group or a tablet inside the boss' hitbox. Achievements 1) complete the strike 2) defeat your clone in under 10 seconds (very easy, the clone is extremely squishy) 3) don't get hit by any of the blue orbs 4) interrupt the vortex 5 times (by breaking its cc bar) Video guide:
  13. Boneskinner This is another arena boss similar to Fraenir and the kodas. It also requires one of the essence masteries to get the ability and open extra chests near the end. This boss is seen as one of the most difficult strike missions. The mechanics are very straightforward but require constant attention and relatively fast reactions, as it can be very punishing and resulting in an instant death. Please watch the video for the boss if you have never done this strike before. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO STACK VERY CLOSE TOGETHER, BEST ON THE COMMANDER TAG, DURING THIS BOSSFIGHT. Standing behind the group is allowed too, but never to the sides. The boss will constantly spawn small AoE's under our feet which we need to avoid, as they do massive damage and stay for a very long time after spawning. The strategy is as follows: The group must remain closely stacked at all times (except healers which can stand behind the group) and attack the boss untill the tiny circles appear. This is also signaled by the boss raising his right arm. As soon as these appear, the group takes a few steps (or dodge if you see it a bit late) to the left, clockwise around the boss. The group must immediately focus on stacking closely together again, just left of the AoE's. It is extremely important that nobody stands to the left of the group, or the people to the right will walk/dodge into the AoE this person caused, and take a lot of damage. Dodge/step left, and reform a tight stack immediately. The room is also surrounded by torches. These are mostly ignored during the fight. It is however important to know that the boss will occasionally blow out a torch, signaled by a triangular AoE coming from the boss. This breath attack doesn't do a lot of damage, but causes a very long knockdown when stability is not available in the group. This attack is usually followed by the small AoE attack, which can be very deadly to a knocked down person. To avoid dieing to this, we also try to dodge left to avoid these breath attacks when they are cast on our spot. Occasionally the boss will also jump up into the air, and everyone will be pulled to the centre of the arena where the boss was standing. After a few seconds, the boss will land and deal a lot of damage to unprepared players. Try to dodge backwards to avoid getting slammed by this attack. The boss also occasionally charges out of the centre to the side of the arena. The group has to stay at the middle when this happens. After a few seconds, the boss will jump to the middle similar to the previously discribed mechanic. This jump also needs to be dodged or blocked to avoid a massive amount of damage. These are the mechanics that everyone will have to pay attention to, no matter of the roles. There are also 2 specific mechanics for certain roles of the group. 1) When more torches go out, the group will take constant damage over time. This isnt massive and can relatively easily be outhealed by the healers of the group. 2) During the fight, starting at 85% hp of the boss, wisps (green floating balls) will spawn and attack the group with high-hitting ranged attacks. The alactricity revenant of the group needs to use a ventari bubble to shield the group from these as much as possible, while other classes with easily available pulls (like dragonhunters with greatswords) need to try to pull these wisps into the group during the fight. This way they can be cleaved and killed by the group without needing to focus much on them. During all these mechanics in the fight, it remains extremely important for the group to remain tightly stacked. The small AoE's keep spawning frequently and will kill anyone not paying attention, and the group needs to remain close so the healers can keep us alive. Achievements 1) Defeat the boneskinner. 2) Defeat the boneskinner without being downed. (Don't worry about this one at first, it will complete when the group gets better at the strike) 3) Relight 30 torches during the fight. (Torches are usually ignored during the fight, but you can easily start the instance solo and just run around to relight torches) 4) Complete the strike without letting any torches be blown out by wisps. (This can be cheezed by not attacking the boneskinner untill he blew out all torches by himself, since wisps only spawn when the boneskinner reaches 85% hp) Video guide:
  14. Cold War Another easy strike, this one does not require the masteries. The strike consists of 4 waves of regular enemies, each one followed by a minor boss and the last one by the real strike boss. If all of these can be defeated within certain timeframes, bonus chests will spawn at the end with extra loot. The waves are fairly easy, just stay mostly together as a group so the healers can easily keep the group healthy. Splitting up mindlessly might get you focused down by a ton of enemies at once. Certain enemies also drop bazookas to shoot down enemy helicopters with. The minibosses are straight forward too. Just dodge out of any big AoE's/charges you might see and hit them untill they die. The last boss is fairly easy but requires some mechanics, aside of the typical "try to cc when the blue bar appears and don't stand in AoE's". She can summon assasins, which will appear as circles under our feet that stick to you, with an inner expanding circle to show when it is about to trigger. Correctly time a dodge to avoid being downed by this. She will also occasionally get a buff on herself, called "Icy echoes". When she has this, every time you attack the boss, all teammates around you will take some damage too (maximum 1ce every 2 seconds.) When this happens, it is best to spread out a little bit to avoid us doing too much damage to our own team. Achievements Just 1 achievement: complete the strike 50 times... This one can take a while. Youtube guide:
  15. Voice and claw of the fallen (also referred to as "Kodans or Kodas") This fight consists of 2 bosses in the middle of the same arena as the Fraenir, 2 kodas named "The Voice" and "The Claw" (or something like that). Note that one of the essence manipulation masteries is required here to open extra chests at the end of the strike, and also helps a lot in a CC phrase. The Voice is a ranged boss, the Claw is a melee boss. They fight together and teleport to new positions in the map every 30 seconds. They also place red AoE's around the map which you should try to avoid. These AoE's are easily predictable and mostly easy to avoid after a few runs of practice. After 6 or so of these teleports, they will teleport to the middle together and become a single "entity" that does strong AoE attacks around the map. This form needs to be CC'd (with the mastery ability if possible) to break them up and stop this barrage of AoE attacks. Ideally, both bosses need to be killed closely together, this is because when 1 of the bosses dies, the other one teleports to the middle (similar to the combined form) and will spam even stronger AoE's on his own, and cannot be CC'd like the combined one. This can do a lot of damage and easily fail an achievement. The general strategy is as follows: The group starts by focusing the Voice at the beginning and at the first few teleports. The Claw is a melee boss and will run towards the group too, so he will take damage from the cleaves as well. The voice is brought to a fairly low HP in this phrase. After a few teleports, the group changes target to the Claw instead and reduces the HP of this boss too. Just follow the group and/or commander target to know when to swap if you have never done this strike before. Ideally both bosses are on a very low hp % when they jump to the middle and merge. The group breaks the breakbar of this combined form instantly and finishes off both bosses. If the CC of the group is particularly low (usually when most people do not have the mastery), the map might get filled with AoE's and fail a potential achievement. If the damage of the group is particularly high, both bosses can get killed before they have a chance to combine If the damage of the group is particularly low, a single boss can teleport to the middle after the combined form and the other boss have been defeated, resulting in annoying AoE's that will probably also fail said achievement. Achievements 1) Defeat the boss. 2) Defeat the boss without being downed. 3) Break up the combined form of the boss 5 times (by CCing the breakbar). 4) Avoid all big red AoE's during the strike (a bit tricky with training groups but easier as the group gets better, to avoid the middle-teleport AoE's).
  16. Fraenir of Jormag This strike is just a boss in the middle of an arena without anything before or after. The boss itself is very easy, just like the previous one. It is just a damage sponge. Note that one of the essence manipulation masteries is required here to open extra chests at the end of the strike, and also helps a lot in a CC phrase. There are a few minor mechanics of note though. 1) The boss will occasionally teleport to the side of the arena, teleport back after a few seconds to the middle and hover in the air. After a few more seconds, he will smack down and cause a shockwave to go over the arena. When he teleports, just remain at the middle. There is no point in following him. When the shockwave starts, you can jump over or dodge through or block it to avoid the damage and knockback 2) During the fight he will transform into the boss of shiverpeaks pass with mostly the same (ignorable) attacks, and he will also cause a few shockwaves in this form. During this tranformation, he will also get a breakbar to CC. This is best done with the mastery ability. He will also hover in the air and crash down for another shockwave directly after this transformation is defeated. 3) The transformation has a second part (he will be invulnerable for a few seconds while transforming again) in which frozen elementals spawn around the map. These look like stationary rocks. He also gains a cleave ability that unfreezes these elementals. They start attacking when unfrozen. You can mostly ignore this but it is important for an achievement.
  17. Shiverpeaks Pass Shiverpeaks pass consists of a small platforming puzzle with some minor chests to grab, which leads to the platform with the boss When any player of the group reaches the platform, a teleport shrine will also activate so anyone can instantly get there. The boss itself has no important mechanics, it's just a damage sponge and anything he does is easily outhealed. If he is killed within a certain time, we get a bit of extra loot. Achievements 1) Defeat the boss. 2) Defeat the boss without getting downed. 3) Defeat the boss in a certain time for the extra chests. All of these should complete within a few runs without trying.
  18. This page serves as a guide for the different strike missions, both in terms of what you need to be able to join them as well as a guide for each of the strikes. REQUIREMENTS TO PARTICIPATE IN STRIKES Mandatory requirements 1) You need to have a level 80 character 2) You need to have access to the strikes (might require you have unlocked certain icebrood saga episodes) 3) You need to have the eye of the north waypoint unlocked (feel free to ask someone to teleport-to-friend to the eye, so you have it) Optional but helpful Having the icebrood saga essence manipulation masteries, at least tier 1 but higher is better. These masteries do 2 things: 1) they give you a powerful ability in certain strikes that helps a lot at cc-ing the breakbar of the bosses 2) you need them to open certain chests after some of the strikes, for additional loot If you do not yet wish to play the icebrood saga for story purposes or something, that is perfectly fine. You can get 18 mastery points for the icebrood saga by just teleporting to a friend to the 3 maps (grothmar valley, bjora marches and drizzlewood coast) and grabbing legendary insights in the landscape. This is enough to get all these masteries to tier 3 and 1 to tier 4. You only need tier 3 for maximum effectiveness and loot. It can also be helpful to check out "meta" builds on websites like Snowcrows. The difference this can make is huge. For example, a meta setup with decent skill rotations can easily double or triple the damage output of a DPS clas. This is not an exaggeration, the differences are actually that huge. PARTY COMPOSITION For some of the harder strikes, mostly the Boneskinner and Whisper of Jormag, a decent party composition is necessary. There is a lot of room for variation, but usually this will contain something like this: 1 alactricity revenant 1 healscourge 2 healbrands or 1 healbrand and 1 quickbrand 1 druid Preferably but less important: 1 BannerSlave warrior The rest of the 10 slots are usually DPS roles. This setup brings 3-4 heal roles. Exeprienced groups with very capable healers can manage it with 2, but it is safer to have more for the harder strikes like boneskinner. A SHORT GUIDE ON THE STRIKES There currently are 7 strikes in the game: shiverpeaks pass, fraenir of jormag, voice & claw of the fallen, boneskinner, whisper of jormag, forging steel and cold war. Some are really easy, some require certain mechanics to be done. Here follows a short summary of these strikes and what's important, both mechanics- and achievements-wise. I do not go over all mechanics since a lot of them are typically ignored and outhealed. I'll also add a guide video from Mukluk (a youtuber with great guides) for the more difficult strikes. I will type these out in (roughly) order of difficulty.
  19. UCLG Raids via Fractals: Five bosses slain (2020-10-25) After the first certified kill of a raid boss by a UCLG raid squad one week ago, the battle went on and I am proud to announce that during the past two weekends UCLG raid squads, led by Commander Aethelwyna, KUL, vanquished not only Cairn the Indomitable several times, but also the Mursaat Overseer, the Vale Guardian, Samorog and - today for the first time - Gorseval the Multifarious. On Saturday, 2020-10-17, a UCLG raid with (from left to right in the picture below) Eternal Abyss, John (Amaryllis Sky), Raven (Antoria Pendragon), Dimat (Zandra the Grey), me, Tyger (Nadziela Yamarchant), Loreena, Kinzx, Aethelwyna, Georgo (Luna Svk) and Scion of Maya (Megalithica) killed Cairn the Indomitable and then proceeded braving spikes and jade chess pieces to tear down the resilient statue of the Mursaat Overseer. The next day, Sunday, 2020-10-18, witnessed the raid - this time with my sister Rijoo and Lithium (Anabella Ultima) instead of Georgo and Scion of Maya - blackouted the Vale Guardian including all his clones, tiles and pylons after a long and hard battle (and after killing Cairn and the Mursaat Overseer). The picture shows the raid in the spirit vale ruins, resting after cleansing them from ghosts and spirits (if not from all the corpses, as the little snow leopard seems to be pointing out). Rijoo is lying to the left (no healing hat this time) and Lithium dancing in the background. After one week of rest, on Saturday, 2020-10-24, a UCLG raid, this time with (all from left to right in the picture below) Dimat (Zandra the Grey), Georgo (Luna Svk), John (Amaryllis Sky), Aethelwyna, me, Tyger (Nadziela Yamarchant), Eresch (as a Chrono tank), Scion of Maya (Megalithica), Eternal Abyss and Loreena (hidden behind a wyvern wing, but you can see her mighty Asuran feet), tackled Samorog and almost made it in the first try. The second attempt succeded and you can see the victorious raid lined up in his arena. Finally today, on Sunday 2020-10-25, we killed all the bosses mentioned before in a kind of a rush and then added Gorseval the Multifluent's tentacles to the collection of trophies. As you can see in the picture below, taken under Gorseval's dramatic canopy, Raven (Antoria Pendragon) and Rijoo moved into the squad for Georgo and John.
  20. Damanding Dhursday Since the Fractals to Raids Event has overgrown itself. Diamt, Georgo an I started something new last week at Thursday. First we took down that festival King with a pumpkin on his head. The hardest part, was to fall down at the right place. But since one undead leader isn't enough for the evening, we head to the over one called Palawa Joko right after to take his place (and divan). Lets see where we go next Dhursday, A Star to guide us? Or maybe you want something to do, that is not in the Meta, but just fun to do it together? Let me know.
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