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Welcome to Uncanny Legion Network

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do. - Confucius
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  • Welcome to our humble network launched June 1st, 2018!
  • We are giving away games and Wurm Online in-game items for our launch! Follow the individual instructions to join!
  • Check the forum & blog for further news!
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README - What This Board Is For

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If you would like to apply for one of the positions we have on our Careers page, please send your application to applications@uncanny-legion.net 

This board is exclusively for applications for trainee positions as well as alpha/beta testing and other special matters. Each of those matters will receive its own thread with more information. Please do NOT use it to provide any information about yourself such as addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. These things will then be publicly visible for anyone visiting the website.

We NEVER ask for any of this information in a public environment. If you see a thread in this board asking for information of this sort, please report it in order for action to be taken, and do NOT respond to it or provide information to the member posting it!

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