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50 Deed Celebration Giveaway

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We're doing a short 50 Deed Celebration Giveaway for hitting 50 allied deeds! 


50 Deeds, 5 Prizes! To sign up, simply reply here! Winners will be determined on Sunday, August 12, 2018 at Midnight and announced shortly thereafter.


Prize 1

Saw, BotD 89

Prize 2

Stone Chisel, BotD 87

Prize 3

Shovel, CoC 82

Prize 4

Grooming Brush, CoC 71

Prize 5

Small Anvil, CoC 50

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50 deeds! gz to us!
Can always use some good tools so I'm in.

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First Prize: @Gorefiend - Saw, BotD 89

Second Prize: @Snowtech - Stone Chisel, BotD 87

Third Prize: @Enniskillen - Shovel, CoC 82 - Please message me or AJBlack with your in-game name and the deed you're a part of that makes you an alliance member.

Fourth Prize: @Dalrok - Grooming Brush, CoC 71

Fifth Prize: @Warlander - Small Anvil, CoC 50


Everybody please PM me or reply here with the names of your in-game characters so the prizes can be CoD'ed to you. They will come from AJBlack's main Ajblack. Congratulations to all winners.

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