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Riddles? Oh, yeah

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Well, our girls Bosses do like riddles. But who said, that riddles can be only in text? ?


Guess, wtf is this, and how it happened. This is not a video glitch, it's quite easily reproducible. Prize for the first full and correct answer - 1 silver. Good luck ?




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P.S. Warlander, you supposed to know the answer. if you do - please, shut the fuck up give a chance to other members ?

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lol you got to love animal glitches around staircases when hitched to carts or wagons roflmao

OBVIOUSLY the horse thinks it's not meant to be on the first floor and much prefers the ground rather than hanging in chains on your cart in the middle of the air! 

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I was about to give an answer and close the topic, but well... thanks, Yldra ?


Correct, this is large cart, and the thing here is, that animals are still hitched to it. This can be reproduced by embarking on a cart from stairs: instead of "jumping" in the cart, the cart will "jump" to you. After that you can embark from the second floor to the cart staying at the stairs, and again - cart will appear on a second floor (first floor as by EU standards and as Yldra is saying). In most cases, cart will get stuck after this, although inventory will be accessible). 


If you will try to discuss this with guys from CA, they will tell you, that this bug is so old and well known, that it's considered as a feature nowadays.


But this is not the end of the story. There is one more thing, much less known. When your cart is stuck at the second floor, guess what happened, if you will reload the client?




Right. Hitched animals will appear on the same floor as a cart, and it will become rideable. This is also can be used to lift up your animals on the higher floors.


So, Yldrania just become richer for one silver, and have a nice playing, wurmians ?

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