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Let's WURM again

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Dedicated to Yldra, one of my first friends in WURM ?


Few days ago, at Saturday morning, my wife decided to take me to her parents. To the village. And you know what? They don't have internet, 3G/4G does not works, even a phone does not have a connection. So I was just wondering around, having a very strong feeling, that i'm still in game. Well, look yourself.


Of course, everything is starting from the road: 


And looking at that road me suddenly realized, that i'm taking all this stuff in term of WURM. Well, normal graved road (decaying because off the deed), with few iron fences and just spawned cow. 


At some moment road ends, and guess what is it?


Right, at some moment lazy bastards finished up with a packed dirt.


Flowers? We do have some:



Trellis? easily:



Woodcutting? Always:



Farming everyday? Lol, more than enough:



Hot Food cooking? Ask me how:



Taming animals? For sure:




Another moment I was having a real deja-vu:


Wooden fences, guard tower. It looks exactly like Rusty Ranch in the NW of Newspring.


But how about wild animals? Look at those two bandits and guess, what the heck they are waiting for:



Well, they are waiting for their best friend, named Antoshka. Last 1.5 years this guy is coming here every night to have his plate of milk. But he cannot drink ALL the milk, and the rest part bandits from above will share between themselves, and this is why they are waiting for him:


Does anybody here still thinks, that he/she is skilled enough in animal husbandry? well, look at this:


Breeding. Of course, how we can forget about the breeding:


This girl is 3 weeks old. Here is her mother:


Nobody knows where is her father and what he's doing atm, well, just like in real life. 


Horses. Can't imagine WURM without a horses:



[12:21:22] The adolescent Haltcliff grazes.



What else? Ah, terraforming. Digging in the dirt? It's  a story of my life:



Small cart:



Large cart:


Guys still don't have a wagon though. Probably, because of lack in fine carpentry, just like I do.


So. Whenever your laptop is broken, no money for internet, or whatever happens, but you still want to WURM: - well, welcome to the village ?



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