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Some intro

The place in itself is quite old. Recent  Warlander's exercises in archeology  revealed, that it was already abandoned years (real years) ago. It's located in extremely nice place at NW of Newspring, having a ocean at West side and quite a big bay, connected with Warland and Vinyamar at the North.  When I've found that place, there were few wagons, one knar, and few smelters / forges staying just in the middle of nowhere. When, at last, I've decided to make my own deed, I left the old name. So, welcome to the Key West


How it looks

A deep blue sea (probably, with sharks) at the West:


At the bottom you can see a future guard house, which is separating the deed from the coast.


At the South there are some fields with unfinished (like almost everything here, actually) fence and a small forest between the deed and big mountains, which separates this part of NW Newspring from the rest of the island:



To the North there is a very nice settlement Hope of one of my in-game friends, which is built on a rocky island. He's eventually playing with his wife, and we have a crazy plan to connect our deeds by bridge, but this is quite a way to go:



And to the East you can see our awesome bay, which connects those four deeds. A huge palace in front - it's a Warland:



Here is a view of the deed itself:




This is not the whole deed, of course, for example the mountain i'm taking that pictures from is also part of the deed and I have a huge plans for that mountain, but this is a completely different story.


Recruitment (This part is for AJBlack, basically, since she's always looking for recruiting deeds within the alliance)

There would be some cons and pro.


  • No normal shipyard, where corbita or caravel can fit in close enough to the roads
  • No connection to highway
  • I'll have my own requirements for a newcomers. For ex, like you can notice, everything here is made from pottery bricks, from fences and roads - up to buildings. And if a new villager will build a wooden shack in the middle of it and afterwards will disappear for a month - well, i'll sit in his shack and start crying. 
  • I have very specific sense of humor


  • There are at least 4 spaces like 5x5, where the houses can be built. 2 on the coast of the bay and 2 inside of the deed but also with a great views. And they can be even extended a little bit by terraforming
  • There are still space on the deed for animal's pens and some space outside for fields. Also I can share some of field's space inside the deed for smth really important, cause I don't need so much actually
  • All main facilities present, like smelters, kiln, forge, oven, floor, etc
  • There are some projects going on, where you can participate. So not simply grind skills day by day but do something really useful, and you'll see the results of it. And this will be awarded.


Summarizing, joining this deed can be interesting for newbies (just like i'm myself), who are interested in working together and having some support in tough times. For experienced players - it won't be so interested first of all because of absence of the highway. 


For those, who are still interesting: Deed Planner's Map (the link will be available during 21 days, just pm me in Discord, if it is not)


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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, Gorefiend said:

The place in itself is quite old. Recent  Warlander's exercises in archeology  revealed, that it was already abandoned years (real years) ago.


Previous Key West actually lost the deed status literally few days before you came, but was abandoned for at least 1.5 year prior to that. Day after this happened I went there and rammed down/bashed all remains I could, so it likely looked older than it really was. (especially hedges as they will never disappear otherwise)

Edited by Warlander

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yup, but if you remember - I've made an actual deed much later, then I've found that place and got acquainted with you, Dandare and rest of our neighbours. 

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