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Alliance Capital Rares & More

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All items purchased will remain in my possession and decorate our alliance capital. They will NOT be re-sold.

Items are in alphabetical order, except for items that have multiple version that I pay the same price for. Those are listed under "Any". Items listed under "Any" are in alphabetical order within this category.

If you can't find an item, try to search using CTRL+F. If the item is not on the list, please comment here with the item you have for sale and I will let you know if I need it.

  • Any Rare Candelabra --- 2 Silvers
  • Any Supreme Candelabra - 5 Silvers
  • Any Rare Carpet --- 3 Silvers
  • Any Supreme Carpet --- 8 Silvers
  • Any Rare Lamp --- 1 Silver
  • Any Supreme Lamp --- 5 Silvers
  • Any Rare Meditation Rug --- 5 Silvers
  • Any Supreme Meditation Rug --- 10 Silvers
  • Any Skull --- 3 Silvers
  • Copper Still, Rare --- 8 Silvers
  • Copper Still, Supreme --- 20 Silvers
  • Red Hatted Gnome --- 1 Silver
  • Green Hatted Gnome --- 5 Silvers
  • Snow Lantern - 50 Copper
  • Valentine's Pottery --- 50 Copper
  • Yule Goat --- 50 Copper
  • Yule Reindeer --- 1 Silver


These are the CoD-able items I am currently after. I will gradually add more as the deed plan progresses. 

You can CoD any amount of items without asking - that is your benefit as an alliance member.

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