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WTB Rare/supreme/fantastic materials

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Hello guys :)

As you know, me and Davih we usually buy rare/supreme/fantastic materials. If you have some, feel free to cod us :)
I past here the direct link to our wurm forum page, where you can find all the prices, and also, I'm pasting all the list on the first reply, so you can give a look to it even in here.





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Hello! here are the prices for all the materials i want to buy:

Blue = Price i pay for each unit of that Rare item
Cyan = Price i pay for each unit of that Supreme item
Purple = Price i pay for each unit of that Fantastic item (or whatever color this is)

- Items must be FULL weight, ask or contact me if in doubt
- You can cod any quantity under 5s of price without asking, i might not always accept quickly (or at all) amounts higher (or way higher) than that, if you want to be sure, please contact me
- 90+ damage items are 50% price, if you want more, contact me and tell me which item it is
- If some items isn't ont the list, you can ask me (Davih in game or forum PM) -i won't buy shards, rounded stones, concrete and most cooking products, anyway
- Some items can only be sent from runed mailboxes (planks,logs,wooden beams), you can find one in most starter cities or you can ask your neighbors where to find one

( Cod: Davih )

Large Nails = 37c/73c/400c
Rope = 32c/58c/320c
Leather Strip = 30c/55c/400c
Wooden Beam= 33c/60c/350c
Small Nails = 28c/58c/410c
Yarn (wool)= 27c/55c/320c
Iron Ribbon = 24c/55c/325c
Planks = 28c/53c/310c
Square piece of Cloth = 23c/53c/155c
Seedling (any) = 17c/43c/155c
Stone brick (no variants, just "stone brick") = 16c/53c/325c
Shafts = 23c/53c/160c
Clay = 16c/53c/325c
Marble Brick = 16c/48c/125c
Leather(3kg) = 22c/43c/210c
Steel Scraping Lips= 22c/43c/210c
Paper sheet = 23c/44c/100c
Logs (18+kg) = 14c/35c/175c
Pumpkin (whole) = 18c/35c/175c
String of Cloth = 12c/30c/220c
Sheet (cloth/iron/tin/copper/lead) = 17c/33c/110c
Sprout (Any) = 10c/35c/310c
Peg = 12c/29c/100c
Rivets= 12c/27c/100c
Wires(iron) = 12c/27c/100c
Tar = 12c/24c/80c
Lead Lump = 12c/27c/100c
Cordage rope = 12c/23c/60c
Wooden Handle = 12c/23c/50c
Copper Lump = 8c/23c/105c
Dirt = 7c/23c/50c
Iron Lump = 6c/16c/100c
Mortar = X/15c/50c
Sand = 5c/15c/50c
Acorns = 5c/12c/50c
Charcoal = 5c/12c/50c
Needle = 105c
Clay Jar(unfired) = 80c/210c/800c

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