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  1. Warlander

    NW Newspring Highway Tunnel

    Highway is operational now, Warland and Key West are connected to the highway. Wagoner for bulk deliveries coming soon. :)
  2. Warlander

    NW Newspring Highway Tunnel

    NW Newspring Highway Tunnel NW Newspring Highway is a new project targeting to connect north-western Xanadu (alliance deeds Minas Morgul, Key West, Vinyamar and Warland) with the Newspring highway (and - by extension - main Xanadu highway network). Most of work on a road is already done, the only remaining part is a tunnel - screenshot of entrance and location shown on screenshots below. We really appreciate any help with taking down veins remaining in the tunnel - namely iron, gold and sandstone veins. Please help us make it happen! :)
  3. Warlander

    50 Deed Celebration Giveaway

    Signed. :)
  4. Warlander

    Key West

    Previous Key West actually lost the deed status literally few days before you came, but was abandoned for at least 1.5 year prior to that. Day after this happened I went there and rammed down/bashed all remains I could, so it likely looked older than it really was. (especially hedges as they will never disappear otherwise)
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    Like in topic - place to post Alamanac screenshots. :)
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  7. My alt Mackordian is a Vynora priest, currently active.
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    Harvests are coming
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    Big harvest time!
  11. Warlander

    Image upload

    https://imgur.com You can put links to any images from image hosting websites and it will be automatically embedded. Example:
  12. And about that one time when bug caused all of them to start drowning when land creatures drowning mechanics got added.
  13. Warlander


    Hello, I decided I will post a little thread about my deed here. :) The village is over a year old by now and is still work in progress, but it's "core" part is done. Currently I'm working on storage area and will take care of shipyard and pens after that. Few screenshots below: Front gate. In center of the screen there is a primary castle building - representative area on two bottom floors, temple on 3rd floor and my personal housing area on 5th floor. Courtyard. Currently doubles as a temporary pen and cart/wagon holding area. Work in progress storage building. Two older buildings at the bottom - forge (bottom left) and kitchen (bottom right).
  14. Warlander

    Useful resources list

    Wurmpedia Official Wurm Online forum Community Assistance Official Wurm Online forum Game Guides (warning - some of them are very outdated) Official Wurm Online forum Toolbelt
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    Indeed. :)
  16. 1. Warlander 2. Warland
  17. Like... Sacrifice all this gold for a huge enchanting/rarity bonus giving them chance to produce more really shiny stuff?
  18. Launch Giveaway Wurm Giveaway #1 Wurm Giveaway #2 WO Alliance Giveaway #1 WO Alliance Giveaway #2