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  1. Alkhadias

    Get Well, Yldrania

    Sorry to hear. I wish her all the best and I hope she'll be back soon. Together with Aj and other allies, we'll take care of alliance matters. Show must go on, and we have still much to do. Perhaps when Yldrania get back, she'll see a great progress. Crossing fingers.
  2. I have some troubles with PMs, so I'll post here. The only toon that I really play is Alkhadias, so always CoD to him :) Thank you AJ!
  3. 1) LAUNCH GIVEAWAY 2) Wurm Giveaway #1 3) WO Alliance Giveaway #1 4) Wurm Giveaway #2 5) WO Alliance Giveaway #2 6) UCLG GIVEAWAY Best of luck to everyone!
  4. 1. Alkhadias 2. Moonlight's Castle
  5. My answer: There's no bad nor good people.