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  1. BloodPhoenix753

    The Black Rose

    Progress is slow as real life has decided to bombard me with endless tasks so I do apologize for that, hopefully I'll have more for you guys in the near future. Keep your fingers crossed
  2. BloodPhoenix753

    Image upload

    So for some reason I am unable to upload images directly to the forum, I can only "Insert from existing attachment" Which I don't know where to upload to access, and "Insert from URL" and my desktop doesn't count. Anyone else having this issue or was I the only unlucky person this time?
  3. BloodPhoenix753

    The Black Rose

    The Black Rose Being big fans of visual novels, we have decided to create our own. Though the best VNs are the ones you can control, so that's what we want to provide. With multiple endings and a number of romance options, we hope to create a VN you'll want to replay over and over again. With custom art, custom music and of course custom story, you'll be immersed into the world of Evalion as an Agent of the Order of the Black Rose. You can follow the progression here and also from our website http://uncanny-legion.net/the-black-rose/ We are still looking for an artist, and are planning on using the typical VN art style which is anime and manga, so if you're interested, just contact AJBlack. Stay Tuned for updates