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  1. AJBlack

    Discord Giveaway Questions, Winners & Prizes

    #5 "Every Day I sit and stare at a thousand different creatures. I often laugh in danger's face, enjoy so many features. I travel the entire world, give life and death together, Still I never move an inch since there might be bad weather." Winner: none Prize: hidden, will go to prize pool for larger giveaways
  2. This one has been closed for months. The current one is here: I'll lock the topic to avoid further confusion!
  3. We're doing a short 50 Deed Celebration Giveaway for hitting 50 allied deeds! 50 Deeds, 5 Prizes! To sign up, simply reply here! Winners will be determined on Sunday, August 12, 2018 at Midnight and announced shortly thereafter. Prize 1 Saw, BotD 89 Prize 2 Stone Chisel, BotD 87 Prize 3 Shovel, CoC 82 Prize 4 Grooming Brush, CoC 71 Prize 5 Small Anvil, CoC 50
  4. AJBlack

    Discord Giveaway Questions, Winners & Prizes

    #3 Two barrels and a rack, put them in a stack; When all of this has met, what is it that you get? Winner: ccdfern Prize: Hammer, 93QL, iron, 104WoA Answer: Large Bar Table
  5. AJBlack

    Discord Giveaway Questions, Winners & Prizes

    #2 How many trees does one have to plant to start being favored by nature's gods? Winner: none Prize: hidden, will go to prize pool for larger giveaways
  6. All are added. Please reply here!
  7. AJBlack


    What is harvestable now?
  8. #1 I have seas with no water, coast with no sand, towns without people, mountains without land. What am I? Winner: none Prize: hidden, will go to prize pool for larger giveaways
  9. Added, did I get that right?
  10. Let's make a list of priests and followers that can convert you to a deity, or even priest you. I'll make the start with my own characters and add those of others, I hope, as we go along. NAHJO @MrCoolMan --- Priest Name: Ernst --- Can Convert & Priest @Dalrok --- Priest Name: Isaac --- Can Convert & Priest PAAWEELR @AJBlack --- Priest Name: Demonqueen --- Can Convert & Priest VYNORA @MrCoolMan --- Name: Mrcoolman --- Can Convert @Warlander --- Priest Name: Mackordian --- Can Convert & Priest
  11. AJBlack

    Xanadu Rift Locations

    Rift 2018-07-03 Estimated location: ~G 20 Screenshot looking north-east from J17
  12. DONATORS Gorefiend - 10 Silvers Kasumi - 2 Champion Cave Bug Females
  13. [23:23:09] You fall into a trance. If something sees light as something else, how does it look?
  14. AJBlack

    Get Well, Yldrania

    Our dear server host and community manager @Yldrania is currently recovering from hospitalization after serious injury with mental impact. Let's leave her our regards and best wishes. While she recovers, I take control of her in-game character in Wurm Online to ensure the alliance market orders keep flowing, slower than usual as I'm unfamiliar with the market, but steady nevertheless. Support from traders with experience like @Davih and @Luttuosa would be very appreciated. Anyway, get well soon Yldra :)
  15. [02:53:43] You fall into a trance. Is love a large hole that needs to be filled or is it something else?