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Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do. - Confucius
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  • Welcome to our humble network launched June 1st, 2018!
  • We are giving away games and Wurm Online in-game items for our launch! Follow the individual instructions to join!
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    #5 "Every Day I sit and stare at a thousand different creatures. I often laugh in danger's face, enjoy so many features. I travel the entire world, give life and death together, Still I never move an inch since there might be bad weather." Winner: none Prize: hidden, will go to prize pool for larger giveaways
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    #4 This is something not all may remember, you'd have to be a rather old member. We're looking at something forbidden, a bug, a while ago they pulled the plug. It had been around for ages before, was something with one use, no more. It slowly decayed more day by day, until finally all of them had gone away. Winner: Elwood Prize: pending, as winner is not in the alliance Answer: Fountain Pan and/or Fountain Backpack
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    #3 Two barrels and a rack, put them in a stack; When all of this has met, what is it that you get? Winner: ccdfern Prize: Hammer, 93QL, iron, 104WoA Answer: Large Bar Table
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    #2 How many trees does one have to plant to start being favored by nature's gods? Winner: none Prize: hidden, will go to prize pool for larger giveaways